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Winter 2017 Marion Dubin Memorial Scholarship in English

Winter '17 Marion Edith Dubin Memorial Scholarship in English 

Zoe Huang (China) Receives Scholarship

“In my mind, the world is like a puzzle which is separated by boundary lines of different countries’ languages, but English is a rubber that erases those lines and helps us gain better understanding about people who have different nationalities. And I believe studying English can help me explore more and more about the world.”

- Zoe (Jing) Huang


Winter 2017 EAP Application Deadline Extended

QSoE Extends Winter '17 EAP Application Deadline 

It's Not Too Late to Apply

​Queen's School of English is still accepting applications for the Winter 2017 English for Academic Purposes Program. However, applicants should take note that applications will not be processed until January 3, 2017. The program begins on January 23, 2017 and continues until April 13, 2017 (or February 24, 2017 for half session). ​More information about the EAP Program is available here.



Fall 2016 Marion Dubin Memorial Scholarship in English

Fall 2016 Marion Edith Dubin Memorial Scholarship in English 

Daniel Carvalho (Brazil) Receives Scholarship

On September 8, 2016, Queen’s School of English (QSoE) announced that Daniel Carvalho is the recipient of the Fall 2016 Marion Edith Dubin Memorial Scholarship in English. The scholarship is awarded each session to one student enrolled in the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Program at QSoE. Evaluation criterion for the award are based on essays written by applicants.

Daniel is entering his third session in the EAP Program, though his hometown is Porto Alegre, in the south of Brazil. He has a PhD in Geology, and has worked for South African and Canadian mining companies in Brazil. In Brazil, Daniel has his own company for which he designed a specialized product that is used on mining and potential mining sites.



QSoE to Attend 2 Education Fairs in Mexico

QSoE Travels to Mexico

September 25 - 28, 2016

Queen's School of English Mexico Tour 2016

Visit QSoE at EduCanada Fairs, Mexico

Robin Cox, the Director of Queen's School of English (QSoE), is preparing for a trip through Mexico. She will present information about QSoE English language program offerings at two EduCanada Fairs:

Mexico City - September 25, Hotel Crowne Plaza, 1 PM - 6 PM 

Puebla - September 27, Centro de Convenciones, 4 PM - 9 PM


QSoE Newsletter Winter Review 2016

Greetings from Queen's School of English! 
As the weather warms up, QSoE continues to prepare for the arrival of the English for Academic Purposes students in May. In this newsletter, we are excited to provide you with an update about our recruitment and share with you stories about what our staff and students have been up to over the past few months. 
Winter is always an exciting time of year in Kingston, especially for those students who are
experiencing winter for the first time. Our adventurous students in the Canadian English Experience (CEE) Program took full advantage of the activities and trips that are included in the program: cross-country skiing, skating on the Rideau Canal and trying the Beaver's Tail for the first time in Ottawa. While the CEE students stay with us for four weeks in the winter, many of our English for Academic Purposes (EAP) students continue on to the Summer Session.
In this newsletter we would like to highlight some of our important developments.
We are pleased to announce that QSoE has introduced a new academic English language program: Canadian Academic English Experience (CAEE).
We have established a new scholarship in memory of Marion Edith Dubin: Marion Edith Dubin Scholarship in English. This scholarship will be awarded once per session to a student who might not otherwise have the opportunity to study at Queen's School of English. 
QSoE was pleased to host 31 Mexican Proyecta 10,000 scholarship students from the University of Guadalajara in November and December 2015. The tailored program allowed the students to experience Canadian culture while developing and applying their academic English skills. 
QSoE hosted four teacher candidates from the Bachelor of Education at the Faculty of Education who completed their alternative practicum with us. The teacher candidates observed and assisted QSoE instructors in the classroom, especially in small group and one-on-one situations. This provides an excellent opportunity for our students to learn from Queen's University's teacher candidates and brings the reality of working in an EAL classroom to teacher candidates.
Finally, we would like to congratulate our newest member of the Student Ambassador Program: Alma Portillo from Guadalajara, Mexico.
We encourage you to keep reading our newsletter to learn more about our winter recruitment
activities and to get a glimpse of what has been posted to our blog recently. Enjoy reading through our newsletter and email us if you have any questions.
Warmest regards,
QSoE Team

QSoE Visits Mexico

QSoE Visits Mexico

February 13-17, 2016

Meet us in Mexico in February!

Our Director, Ms. Robin Cox, and Ms. Nadya Maskurova will be traveling to Guadalajara in February.

Arrange a meeting or visit them at the Queen’s booth during the Imagine Studying in Canada fair in Guadalajara.


QSoE Newsletter Summer Review 2015

Greetings from Queen's School of English! 
Autumn is a time of transition. As we move from summer to winter and enjoy the last days of warmth and sunshine before the snow begins to fall, we resume the rhythm of study and preparation for the academic year ahead. 
This semester, we welcome twenty QBridge Pathway students to the Queen's School of English (QSoE). Continue reading to find out more about this pathway. 
We have a lot of exciting updates for you in this issue of our newsletter. We begin with a general reminder about the new Electronic Travel Authorization, and continue by sharing the QSoE student experiences, which are highlighted through our new video, a Queen's Gazette story about our QBridge Pathway, and a blog post. We also introduce our international partners to our new Tailored Catalogue. And, as always, you will have a chance to meet one of our instructors, Hee-sook Lim Kerstens.
In addition, we would like to highlight some of our other important developments.
We are pleased to announce that QSoE is now offering an English language pathway to the St. Lawrence College (SLC) students. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between SLC and QSoE in July and we have welcomed the first students into our English for Academic Purposes Program in September. Upon successful completion of our Beginner and Elementary levels, these students will transition back to SLC, where they will attend the Intermediate and Advanced levels of the English as a Second Language program before starting their diploma studies.
We also would like to welcome our new agent representatives:
  • CLASS Education, Mexico
  • Successful Education Center, Taiwan
And finally, congratulations to our newest members of the Student Ambassador Program: Barbara and Josafa from Brazil; Miho, Yuna, Hitomi and Tomoyuki from Japan; Meilin from Panama; and Ibrahim from Saudi Arabia.
Enjoy reading through our newsletter and email us if you have any questions.
Warmest regards,
QSoE Team