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Apply to Queen's School of English

Application to QSoE

Applying for one of our English language programs is simple and consists of two parts:

1. Create a new account online

2. Apply for your program:

  • English for Academic Purposes (EAP)
  • Canadian English Experience (CEE)
  • English for Special Purposes (ESP) - for groups only
  • If you are a sponsored student from Saudi Arabia or Libya, you must send your scholarship letter with your application.

Application Process

Below are the steps you need to complete in order to enroll in one of our programs.

Step 1: Apply for program

To apply for one of our programs, please complete an online application form by following the instructions in the Apply Now section of our website.

For instructions on completing the online application, please refer to our step-by-step instruction guide or watch the video below:

If you are having difficulty loading the video please click here to view. 

Step 2: Apply for accommodation 
You have a choice between living in a university residence on campus or with a homestay host (Canadian family). To apply for accommodations, please choose one of the following options:
Step 3: Receive confirmation and invoice from us
After you submit your application, you will receive an email from us confirming that your application has been received. Approximately one week after we receive your application, we will email you an invoice, which includes the fees that you need to pay and the detailed payment instructions. The invoice includes:
  • tuition fee
  • deposit(s) for future sessions (if you have applied for more than one session)
  • if you have applied for residence:
  • residence fee
  • if you have applied for homestay:
  • homestay deposit
  • homestay placement fee
  • medical insurance fee: U.H.I.P. - University Health Insurance Plan
Step 4: Pay your fees
When you receive your invoice with the payment instructions, please make the payment right away. Do not make your payment until you have received your invoice with the appropriate QSoE banking information. We accept payment in Canadian (or U.S.*) dollars via Bank Wire Transfer or Western Union Quick Pay (ask for the special Queen’s University rate). We do not accept personal or certified cheques, money orders, or credit card payments for on-site programs.

Please include your name and student number on all payments.

* Students who pay in U.S. dollars will receive a refund for the Canadian dollar exchange if they have overpaid. They will have to pay the balance owing if they have underpaid.

Step 5: Send us notification of payment
After you pay for your fees, please send us official confirmation of payment by fax or as a scanned email attachment. Remember to indicate clearly your student number and full name in English with all payment confirmations.
Step 6: Receive Letter of Acceptance from us
Once your payment of fees is received, your application will be processed and you will receive an official Letter of Acceptance by regular mail (or by courier, if you make that request on the application form).
Step 7: Apply for Canadian visa (if applicable)

There are two types of visas in Canada for students: Study Permit and Temporary Resident Visa.

If you plan to study in Canada for more than six months, you are required to apply for a Study Permit. You will need to include the QSoE Letter of Acceptance with your application to the Canadian Embassy. If the program that you are applying for is less than six months, you might not need a Study Permit. Please refer to the Canadian Immigration Centre website or our Visa Information section for more details.

Step 8: Send us an email letting us know you received your visa
Once you have been approved for either a Study Permit or a Temporary Resident Visa, please email/fax us an official stamped copy of your document.

Students who have completed all the steps above by the session deadline will have a place reserved for them in the program. If the program fills up before the deadline, your application will be put on a waiting list.

Once your place is reserved in the program, you can make your travel arrangements. Our Queen's SoE App for smartphones will provide you with the necessary information for preparing and traveling to Canada.

Our student ambassadors (former students, who help out our new students) and education agents (professionals, who can assist students with application and registration process) are available to guide you through your application to QSoE or to answer any of your questions in your language.

If you have any questions during your application process, please do not hesitate to  contact us.

We look forward to welcoming you to our campus!