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Financial Assistance

There are a few options available to students, who are looking to receive financial assistance during their studies at QSoE.

Awards & Bursaries

Queen's School of English Entrance Award

Award applicable to: Canadian English Experience program


  • must be at least 18 years of age
  • has applied to the Canadian English Experience program at Queen's School of English
  • who is a Francophone Canadian Citizen, permanent resident or protected person residing in Quebec.

Canada-Japan Leadership Fund

Post Secondary Education Scholarships: Science/Engineering: 1.2 million yen each and Arts and Humanities/Business/Trade: 1 million yen each
Language Study Bursary: 100,000 yen each


Post Secondary Education Scholarships: The applicant must be a Japanese student who has graduated from a high school or is currently enrolled in a higher education institution and already accepted by an accredited university or college in Canada for admission to an academic or graduate study program. Holders of Canadian immigrant visas and participants in inter-university exchange programs are not eligible.
Language Study Bursary: The applicant must be a Japanese young person (age 30 or under) who will study English or French at a school affiliated with Languages Canada. Elementary, junior-high, and high school students planning to participate in summer and other short-term study programs are eligible to apply, as are Working Holiday Program participants who will enroll in study programs for up to 6 months.

For more information, please contact the Canadian Embassy in Japan.

Ontario Special Bursary Plan (OSBP)

Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents, who have resided in Ontario for 12 consecutive months, and who demonstrate financial need, may be eligible for the Ontario Special Bursary Plan (OSBP). For more information on this bursary and how to apply visit: Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP).