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QPA Yahoo group

Welcome to Queen's University Post-Doctoral Fellows Association.

This an association that supports, represents, and provides resources for Post-Doctoral Research Fellows (Post-Docs) working here at Queen's. Take a look at our Declaration of Intent.

Membership is free, and always will be.

2010 Sept 24th from 12pm to 1:30pm
Location : 173 Barrie St (just north of the grad club)

We are established and functioning, and have an executive committee to maintain the association and take it forward. If you know of a Post-Doc who is not a member please have them join our mailing list or contact us directly.

We have set up a Yahoo! Group so any member can post messages and increase interdepartmental communication. Anyone can join by clicking the small logo on the bottom left of the page. You'll need a Yahoo! ID and we have explicit instructions on how to do that HERE

Queen’s University POST-DOCTORAL TRAVEL AWARDS (*.doc)
Deadlines: November 1 and April 1 (year to run May 1 to April 30)
other internal funding

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