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Navigating the Web

On this page you will find videos and tutorials showing you how to get the most out of working on the web.

The following videos are a three part series from the University of British Columbia on How to Evaluate Web Resources, Using the Internet to Jumpstart Research,and How to Use the Internet to Find Scholarly Material.

The following is a six part series on how to use Google documents, specifically within an academic setting, for working on and sharing information.  These tutorials were created by the University of Michigan. 

The following is a two part series, by the University of Washington Libraries, on how to search Google; using things like boolean operators and domain limiting searches to narrow down or broaden your results. The videos were created by the University of Washington

The last video on navigating the web discusses why you can not just use Google for academic work.  This video provides the reasoning behind ensuring you properly evaluate your online sources.  

Source: Lawrence Technological University