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T.A. & Instructor Resources

  • Brochure on how to recognize students in distress.
  • Workshop series for teaching assistants, including sessions ranging from: Encouraging Discussion, Academic Integrity, Teaching Portfolios, Equity in the Queen's Classroom, Effective Presentations, Time Management, Leading Labs, and others.
  • Handbooks and other publications for teaching assistants on how to be an effective TA, leading seminars and labs with more students and building a teaching dossier.
  • Teaching Development Day - a day-long conference where TAs can learn about new and interesting developments in teaching and learning.
  • Certificate Program in University Teaching and Learning for Teaching Assistants - this course prepares graduates students for their positions as TAs as well as equipping them with skills for use in higher education further on in their careers as instructors and professors.
  • One-on-one consultations with Centre for Teaching and Learning advisors.
  • More resources from the Centre for Teaching and Learning.


QLC Sticker Pilot Project

The QLC has designed this sticker for Teaching Assistants and Instructors to use on students' assignments - essays, lab reports, exams, etc. You can indicate whether the student should seek help with their writing, research or study skills. When a student receives the sticker they are directed here, to the QLC website, where they can access a variety of resources to better help them make the grade. To see what resources are available, please see our QLC Sticker page. If you would like to pick up sticker sheets please contact the QLC (patrick.patterson@queensu.ca).

QLC Sticker