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Step 3: Formulate a focused search strategy.

-Identify key indexes in your field
      Find indexes under specific subject listings at Queen's Library
-Identify key books and journals in your field
     Confer with faculty
     Confer with the appropriate subject librarian
     Look for materials published by the professional organizations in your discipline
-Identify key researchers in your field
     Read review articles in your major journals
     Use citation indexes (to find who is most cited)
-Identify key terms in your field
     Read articles in key subject encyclopedias and handbooks in your field. See the Research by Subject guide to get started.
     Locate citations to key articles in the articles indexes of your field and identify subject headings/descriptors in those citations

Step 4: Gather & organize relevant materials for proposal and comprehensive literature review

Use Refworks or Endnotes to collect and organize your sources.