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 Step 1: Investigate relevant library resources and services.

Step 2: Start to study topic in depth by finding relevant sources.

  • Find Books
    • Search QCAT for all Queen's Library books and view location and availability information.
    • Use WorldCat to identify books at many other libraries nationwide
    • Check-out E-Books, the electronic book collections, which are key for certain disciplines
    • Search for article in an appropriate article index
    • Search QCAT for journal location & availability information
    • Submit Interlibrary Loan requests for books and journal articles not owned by the Queen's Library
  • Find Journal Articles
  • Scan bibliographies/reference lists of articles for additional references
  • Look at Dissertations, search for dissertations on your topic
  • Study Newspapers, if relevant to your topic
  • Link to your professional association web sites
  • Ask professors and colleagues for syllabi with bibliographies from relevant courses