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What's at the QLC Desk?

Regular Service :
Information:  Ask our QLC Student Assistants: they'll help you locate books and point you in the right direction.

Research Help:  Our research staff are here to help you. Just drop by and talk to them about that you're working on.
Please Note: In the Summer months Research help is limited to the hours of 1pm-4pm.  There are no Reference Librarians working on the desk at that time, but there are Reference Librarians on call.  Don't be discouraged if you see the Research Desk unmanned, just ask for help from the QLC Student Assistant at the Information Desk and they will call a Reference Librarian to the desk to assit you.
ITServices:  This is the place to start if you have a personal computer question. Have a laptop problem? Drop it off here.
Be sure to first check the desk hours for the specific service you plan to visit.