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New Graduate Program Approvals

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Proposals for all “brand” new graduate programs, regardless of whether or not the University will be applying for provincial funding, require internal approval by the Queen’s Senate and must also be appraised by the QC Appraisal Committee. 



Expedited Approvals for Graduate Programs

Proposals for major modifications to an existing graduate program are normally eligible for the Expedited Approvals process.  Major modifications to existing programs may include one or more of the following:

  • The requirements for the program differ significantly from those existing at the time of the previous cyclical review (e.g. admission and graduation requirements);
  • There are significant changes to the learning outcomes, but they do not meet the threshold for a ‘brand’ new program;
  • There is the addition of a new field;
  • There are significant changes to the Program structure (e.g. a substantive change in 40% or more of the required workload of the program);
  • There are significant changes to the faculty engaged in delivering the program and/or to the essential physical resources, including but not limited to changes to the existing mode(s) of delivery (e.g. different campus, online, inter-institutional collaborations, etc.).

Proposals for new graduate collaborative, certificate, for-credit diploma and graduate combined programs will also fall under the Expedited Approval processes.

The Expedited Approval process does not normally require external consultants nor does it require approval by the QC. 

The process for Expedited Approvals does not apply when changes to a program are considered minor.  For example, amendments to “Emphasis or Options” remain the jurisdiction of the Graduate Studies Executive Council (GSEC). 



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