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As units move through the CPR process there are always questions that arise. Please check here to see if your question has already been asked. If you don't see an answer to your question please email - we will supply an answer directly to you and also post it here. 



Frequently Asked Questions: QUQAP Cyclical Program Review 

Q:           What is the timeline for completing the Cyclical Program Review self-study?

A:            For units completing Cyclical Program Review in 2014-15 cycle, self-study documents should be submitted by September 2014.  Units are encouraged to form a QUQAP committee in order to share the workload and to make the completion of the Self-Study a truly collaborative process.  Regular meetings with identified action items, goals and deadlines will assist the process.

Q:           When are the nominations for the Review Team due?

A:           Nominations are due by June 2014, but units are encouraged to begin identifying possible nominees early.  Please bear in mind that site visits should be scheduled when students are on campus. When considering potential external and internal reviewers, please keep in mind that at least one reviewer should have some familiarity with learning outcomes and curriculum development.

Q:           Who is the first point of contact for Units?

A:           Units are encouraged to work closely with their Associate Dean or equivalent. For all questions regarding QUQAP guidelines and process, please contact, Peggy Watkin (Senior Associate) in the Office of the Provost:

Q:           What are the requirements for the faculty CVs?

A:           Posted on the website for the Office of the Provost is a list of 19 Required Elements for CVs. CVs must contain all 19 elements for the last 8 years in a consistent format.  Please use the format that is the most convenient for your discipline, e.g. NSERC, SSHRC, CIHR plus the additional elements.

Q:           What is meant by “core” faculty?

A:           For the purposes of QUQAP “core faculty” are defined as tenured, tenure-track, and emeriti faculty who contribute to delivery of the academic program. 

Q:           Are CVs required for clinical instructors?

A:           We recognize that clinical instructors teach foundation courses for programs with professional accreditation.  However clinical instructors’ CVs are not required by the Quality Council. It is recommended that the self-study document include a list of clinical instructors, their qualifications and which course(s) they teach.

Q:           Are there any examples of completed CPR self-study documents?

A:           Unfortunately, the Office of the Provost is not able to provide examples of self-studies. However, units are encouraged to communicate with cognate units and programs that have completed the process.

Q:           Which courses should be included in the learning outcomes and curriculum mapping section of the self-study?

A:           Core and option courses taught within the unit. However, if courses delivered by a cognate unit are integral to the program, the learning outcomes for the course(s) should be described within the self-study document.


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers New/Modified/Expedited Programs 

Q:           Are CVs required for proposals for new diplomas and certificate programs?

A:           Diplomas and Certificates follow the expedited approval (a streamlined) process, for which CVs are required only for the non-core faculty.



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