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Queen's University

Campus Master Plan Advisory Committee


The Campus Plan first approved by the Board of Trustees in 1994 and updated and approved in 2002, provides the policy framework for campus development.  “It represents University policy for directing the continuing physical change required to accommodate the evolving programs and activities of Queen’s in a way that gives physical expression to the University’s values and priorities.” [1]  While there have been significant changes to the physical fabric of the campus since 2002, the Campus Plan has not been regularly monitored, reviewed or amended.  Queen’s senior administration and Board of Trustees have agreed that the Plan should be reviewed and a new Campus Master Plan developed to guide future planning and development and a planning consultant should be retained to partner with the University to complete this important task.  A Campus Master Plan Advisory Committee has been established by the Principal to provide ongoing oversight of the development of, and adherence to, campus planning policy. The Committee will report to the Provost, who will be responsible for ensuring that both the Queen's University Planning Committee and Board of Trustees are frequently informed of the progress in the development of the Campus Master Plan.

Committee Mandate

Reporting to the Provost and Vice-Principal Academic, the Committee shall:

  1. Specifically update the 2002 Campus Plan and develop a comprehensive cohesive Campus Master Plan to guide future planning and development of and within Queen’s overall campus footprint.
  2. Regularly monitor, review and make recommendations concerning broad planning issues and priorities related to the Campus Master Plan as a key component of an integrated strategic planning framework including, but not restricted to, the Academic Plan, the Strategic Enrolment Plan, the Strategic Research Plan, and the Climate Action Plan.
  3. As much as possible, ensure respect and continuity with the Foundation Principles and planning strategies articulated in the 2002 Campus Plan, and amend and enhance those principles and priorities to meet current University and community priorities and any revisions thereto.
  4. Provide for current and projected scale and scope of activity including undergraduate and graduate enrolment and the research enterprise, as well as revenue enhancement opportunities such as conferencing and continuing education.
  5. Ensure communication and consultation with the Queen’s community (faculty, staff, students,  alumni and trustees) and the City of Kingston community, including our hospital partners.
  6. Capture Queen’s ‘Spirit of Initiative’ in the campus character and structure.
  7. Ensure the campus landholdings (e.g., Main campus, West Campus, Innovation Park, Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts) are linked in some respect to mitigate any sense of isolation.
  8. Ensure the Campus Master Plan:
    • Reflects the general and specific planning strategies articulated in the 2002 Campus Plan (overall quality of campus development, campus structure and character, movement and systems strategies and overall land use);
    • Provides order and coherence to the campus environment while establishing meaningful links to the surrounding community;
    • Incorporates sustainability principles, environmental sensitivity and energy conservation, as well as adaptability to respond to evolving pedagogy and learning styles;
    • Appreciates the residential and experiential nature of the learning environment, while positioning the University for future growth, (including a housing strategy balancing the needs for economy, proximity, diversity and community stability);
    • Includes implementation and follow-up strategies to ensure that ongoing campus development is consistent with the Campus Master Plan as a “living” document, and to ensure that the Plan is regularly reviewed and amended to reflect a changing environment.


  • Select a planning partner through a formal RFP process; oversee and monitor the planning process ensuring appropriate consultation and communication.
  • Present regular progress reports to the Provost, in part to facilitate the Provost’s updates to the Board of Trustees;
  • Present a preliminary report and Campus Master Plan to the Provost, Principal and Board of Trustees in December 2013, the final plan in March 2014.


  • Regularly review and monitor campus planning and development activity in the context of the Campus Master Plan; review major building project plans for adherence to the overall  planning principles and strategies; ensure appropriate consultation and make recommendations for amendments to the Campus Master Plan as necessary and relevant.
  • Report at least annually to the Provost to support ongoing accountability to the Board of Trustees. 
  • Ensure communication and profile for the Campus Master Plan as a living document and critical component of the University’s integrated strategic planning framework.
Membership Status
T. Abramsky CPDC delegate
A. Ball Sustainability Manager
J. Brown Vice-Principal (Advancement) delegate
L. Dal Cin Director, Athletics and Recreation
L. Daneshmend Deputy Provost (Chair)
D. Detomasi Faculty Member, QSB
J. Fisher Faculty Member, FHS
L. Freeman Assistant Director, School of Policy Studies
D. Gordon Faculty Member, SURP
B. Griffiths Director, Housing and Hospitality Services
Y. Holland Planning Manager, Campus Planning
S. Lounsbury Vice-Principal, Advancement delegate (alumnae)
H. Penning Member of the Equity Office
M. Purcell Vice-Principal, Research delegate
M. Sheppard Executive Director, Planning and Budgeting
A. Tierney Vice-Provost and Dean of Student Affairs
P. Watkin Associate Director, Academic Initiatives (Secretary)
K. Wiener President, Society of Graduate and Professional Students
M. Whitehead University Librarian
A. Williams President and CEO, Alma Mater Society
J. Witjes Associate Vice-Principal (Facilities)

Chair:  L. Daneshmend
Secretary:  P. Watkin

[1] Queen's University Campus Plan 2002

Kingston, Ontario, Canada. K7L 3N6. 613.533.2000