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Permit Rates

2015-2016 Parking Permit Rates

(effective September 1st)

Taxes Included

Main Campus

  • Surface - $96.84/month
  • Union Street Garage - $127.10/month
  • Queen's Centre Garage - $127.10/month
  • Summer (May-Aug) - $29.38/week
  • One-Day (Dept's Only) - $14.00/day
  • Pay/Display - $1.25/half-hour

West Campus

  • Paved Lots - $96.84/month
  • Weekly - $29.38/week
  • One-Day (Dept’s Only) - $14.00/day
  • Pay/Display (Dept's Only) - $1.50/hour
  • Pay/Display (Stadium) - $1.25/hour OR $6.00/day

Methods of Payment

Arrangements for full payment of parking fees must be provided before the permit is issued. Methods of payment will be as follows:

  • All Queen’s University employees with a full-time continuing appointment must pay by payroll deduction.
  • All other can pay by cash, cheque, Visa, MC, debit card or direct withdrawal.

Students must be currently registered to purchase parking permits.

Service Charges

A service charge of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) will be imposed for all returned cheques by the bank to the Parking Office.

Refund of Parking Permit Fees

Refunds for user-cancelled permits will be issued only upon the return of the parking permit to the Parking Office. If payment for a full month has been made and the permit is returned before the fifteenth of the month a refund for half the monthly fee will be made. If the parking permit is returned after the fifteenth of the month, no refund will be issued for that month. When approved, refunds will be issued in the following manner:

  • Payroll Deduction - Deduction stopped/refund cheque (when applicable)
  • Lump Sum Payment - Deduction stopped/refund cheque (when applicable)
  • Payroll Deduction - Deduction stopped
  • Direct Withdrawal - 10 days notice before next withdrawal
  • MasterCard or Visa - Refund cheque

Please note that cheque refunds require a minimum of two weeks to process. One-day permits are not refundable if they have been scratched.