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Incoming Undergraduate Students

[volleyball players]August 2014 Checklist

Now is the time you will prepare for your arrival in Kingston and on the Queen’s campus.

The most important thing you must do this month is to organize your finances to pay your tuition and Student Assistance Levy before September 1, 2014.

This is important: As of September 2, 2014, if you have not paid your tuition and Student Assistance Levy OR submitted an Alternative Payment Arrangement (APA) request

  • a late payment charge of $150 will be applied to your account, and
  • you will not have access to Open Enrollment to add, drop, or swap your courses.

Remember that payments take 2-3 business days to appear in your SOLUS Account once they have been made at your bank. Be sure to leave enough time for this when you make your payment

Find detailed tuition, levy, fee and payment information...

Your Checklist



Living in Residence?

You should hear about your residence room assignment by the middle of this month.


For more information, visit the residence website at

Connect With Us

The Registration Assistants in the Faculty of Arts & Science office have created a Facebook page dedicated to guiding incoming Queen's Arts & Science students through course registration, navigating SOLUS, and creating your schedule! Be sure to give the page a LIKE to receive updates on important deadlines regarding registration and course enrolment and to have your questions answered by qualified staff. Congratulations on your acceptance!


Banking Information:

Do we have your banking information? You can update your information in the SOLUS Student Centerin the Finances section. Your banking information permits Queen’s to process awards and refunds directly into your bank account.


Queen’s will not deduct payments directly from your bank account. You must make payments using one of the options listed on page 21 of your Guide to Registration and Fees. Any awards will be deposited to your student account, not your bank account.


For those who are coming to Canada for the first time, you will have the opportunity to open a Canadian bank account and update your information upon arrival in Canada.  For more information please see the Banking pagein the Living in Kingston Guide.

August 1  

Challenges meeting the September 1 tuition and Student Assistance Levy deadline?

Students who cannot pay tuition and the SAL in full by September 1 because they are receiving support from specific sources may complete the registration process by confirming evidence of that support, by submitting an Alternative Payment Arrangement (APA) request, between July 15 and August 15. The APA request must be sent from the student's email address and must include the student's student number.


Examples of support from specific sources are:

  • Government student financial assistance
  • Third party funding (native bands, embassies, companies)
  • Scholarships and/or awards external to Queen's

This request, upon approval, will allow you to defer all or part payment of  tuition and Student Assistance Levy amount until September 30.


Please note that you will not be able to participate in Open Enrollment if you have either not paid your tuition and Student Assistance Levy by September 1 or not submitted an Alternative Payment Arrangement request by August 15.

August 15

Moving into residence?

Have you done all your packing?  August 31 is move-in day!
 August 31

If you are an International Student:

If you still have questions about visa, permits or other non-academic issues, check out the Queen's University International Centre (QUIC)'s website or contact the International Student Advisors at  

As Soon As Possible

If you do not have valid Canadian provincial/territorial health insurance:

International Students: You will automatically be charged for single coverage in the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP), a mandatory health plan. Should you have dependents (spouse/children) residing with you in Ontario, you must visit the Queen's University International Centre to enrol your dependents.

Returning Canadians: You must register in UHIP until your Canadian provincial/territorial health insurance comes into effect.  This must be done within your first 30 days in Canada.

UHIP is a primary insurance plan that provides basic medical coverage for most doctor and hospital services in Ontario. UHIP is administered for students by the Queen's University International Centre (QUIC), located in the John Deutsch University Centre.  Detailed information is available on their website.




International students will be automatically billed



Returning Canadians should register in their first few days at Queen's

IT tips:

Get the best connection possible! Once you're on campus, set up Queen's wireless accessfor your phone and computer.


Are you a student with a disability?

If you are a student with a disability, for which you need academic accommodations, you will need to register with the Disability Services Office.  Please complete the Pre-registration for Intake Appointment form and submit it along with documentation of your disability to our office.  You will be contacted by our office to arrange an appointment.


Please note: Students with learning disabilities or attention deficit hyperactivity disorders will need to send in updated psycho-educational assessments well in advance to ensure that the documentation is reviewed by our Advisors prior to arranging an appointment.


For more information on documentation requirements for these disabilities and others please visit our website

As soon as possible, and definitely before you get here.
Getting Ready for September

Step 2 of the Registration process–Payment of Tuition and Student Assistance Levy:

Have you made arrangements to pay your tuition and Student Assistance Levy by September 1?


Tuition and the Student Assistance Levy as shown on your Account Summary in the SOLUS Student Center, less any awards or deferrals, will need to be paid before September 1.  The balance of fees (student activity fees, residence fees) is due on September 30th. In August you absolutely must establish your plan to pay your tuition and Student Assistance Levy.


More information about understanding your fees and how to pay your fees is available in the Guide to Registration and Fees (mailed in June) on page 20.
September 1

 You are bright and ambitious, and excited about starting classes at Queen's. Check out resources to help you keep your academic edge.


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