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Queen's in the News: 04-July-2005 10:26:49 AM

Sherif El-Defrawy (Ophthalmology) comments in the National Post about Canada’s shortage of ophthalmologists.

David Haglund (Political Studies) comments in the Ottawa Citizen about British resolve and the U.S.-British alliance in the face of terrorist attacks.

Peggy Cunningham (Business) comments in the Globe and Mail and on Broadcast News about the different burden of responsibility for companies marketing products to children younger than 13.

The Kingston Whig-Standard reports that nine Queen’s researchers are sharing $1.4 million in grants by the Canada Foundation for Innovation, an arm of the federal government.

Ian Janssen (Physical education) comments in a Canadian Press wire story on a new study which suggests that Mennonite children are fitter than children with contemporary lifestyles.

Ken Wong (Business) comments on the front page of the National Post about the effect of a questionable endorsement of a Tim Horton's product.

Lynda Colgan's (Education) op ed piece on Nova Scotia's new provincial mathematics curriculum appears in the Kingston Whig-Standard.

Kathy Brock (Policy Studies) and Kim Nossal (Political Studies) comment in an op ed piece in the Globe and Mail about the Canadian government’s response to the tsunami disaster and the country’s humanitarian reputation.

John McHale (Business) comments in the Toronto Star about Ireland’s “Celtic tiger" economic growth and the G8 summit.

Karen Pegley (Music) comments in an op ed piece in the Kingston Whig-Standard about how the Live 8 concert reflected Canada's larger culture and the dominance of white male performers.

Ned Franks (Politics) comments in the Ottawa Citizen about the political survival of the minority Liberal government.

Sharryn Aiken (Law) comments in the Ottawa Citizen, Victoria Times Colonist and Edmonton Journal about the lack of evidence linking informal money transfer shops to terrorist financing.

David Walker (Health Sciences) is interviewed on CBC-radio regional news about $1.2 million in Health Canada funding for a new program that incorporates an inter-professional team approach into training of medical, rehab therapy and nursing students at Queen's.

David Lyon, director of the Surveillance Project, continues to comment in the Sudbury Star on distributing personal information under the pretext of safety and security.

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