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Report shows Asian carp could threaten all five Great Lakes: Queen's University expert


Queen’s University invasive species expert Shelley Arnott is available to comment on a report by Fisheries and Oceans Canada that Asian carp could survive in all five Great Lakes. Lake Erie, according to the report, is in grave danger. The huge and hungry invader fish threatens a number of species in the Great Lakes.

“Most of the scientific information that we have suggests that these fish have the potential to have a huge impact on the Great Lakes and could influence the fisheries if established,” says Dr. Arnott. “The results of this report indicate that these fish could survive in the Great Lakes and that only 10 male and female individuals could establish a reproducing population. This report should provide strong incentive to prevent the movement of Asian carp into the Great Lakes and to establish a plan of action to eradicate them once they arrive.”

Dr. Arnott is a member of the Canadian Aquatic Invasive Species Network.

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