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RCMP raid on civilians in New Brunswick displays loss of control: Queen's University expert


Queen’s University defence policy expert Douglas Bland is available to comment on the native protests against a shale-gas project in New Brunswick.

“Why the police officers had to appear in military, camouflage clothes and over-armed with automatic weapons to simply convince this group of native people to open the road, if only to let a few trucks through each day, while negotiations continued with a small police intervention team, is a mystery,” says Dr. Bland.
“The Ontario Provincial Police by contrast have trained First Nations intervention teams designed to act prudently in such situations. The RCMP only provoked a First Nations response across Canada and encouraged real native radicals and the Idol No Move movement for no good reason. I would expect to see some sort of disciplinary action taken by the RCMP against the senior site commander at the roadblock.”
Dr. Bland is a professor emeritus of defence studies at Queen’s University. He is also the author of Uprising, a political novel describing a scenario for a First Nations’ insurgency in Canada. He recently published a major academic paper for the Macdonald-Laurier Institute, "Canada and The First Nations: Cooperation or Conflict."
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