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Quit Facebook Day


Queen’s University professor Art Cockfield is available to talk about “Quit Facebook Day” which is slated for May 31. According to www.quitfacebookday.com, more than 23,000 people are slated to quit the popular social network over privacy issues on Monday.

Professor Cockfield is an expert on legal issues on privacy, cyberspace and technology and a Facebook user who thinks Facebook could be doing a better job protecting privacy.

“After pushes by regulators like Canada's Office of the Privacy Commissioner, Facebook has finally taken steps to give its users better control over their personal information. I’m still concerned because in the past, Facebook has said they’ll make changes, but it has been done in a sneaky way to make it easier to send information to direct marketing firms. Having said that, I think Facebook is trying to respond to people’s concerns,” Profession Cockfield says.“Will Quit Facebook Day work? My 14-year-old son recently deleted his account because it was overwhelming and pointless with constant updates like ‘I’m having a hamburger now.’ Is he the canary in the coal mine? Time will tell. If the teens bail, like they did on Myspace.com, it will crush the forum. And when lots of old people like me get on Facebook, it no longer becomes cool.”

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