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Queen's University experts comment on the holidays


Business, law, technology, social media and culture experts from Queen’s University are available to discuss topics related to the holiday season. Stay tuned throughout the week as more experts will be added each day.

Ceren Kolsarici (School of Business)

Queen’s University assistant professor Ceren Kolsarici is available to talk about holiday sales campaigns and whether high sales numbers regularly translate during the holidays translate into high sales for the long term.

“Holiday season is one of those rare times when the whole country is out shopping cleaning off shelves. A sales boost around CHristmas is almost certain for most companies but only a few smart ones see the opportunity to translate this short-term sales peak into long-term success,” says Dr. Kolsarici. “Creative and emotional campaigns have the highest medium to long-term return on investment around the holidays because consumers are more attentive to marketing messages.
To arrange an interview, or find more experts please contact Rosie Hales at 613-533-6000 ext. 77513 or rosie.hales@queensu.ca or Anne Craig at 613-533-2877 or anne.craig@queensu.ca.

More experts

Laurence Ashworth (School of Business)

Consumer behaviour expert Laurence Ashworth is available to comment on the motives and mechanisms involved in choosing, giving, and receiving gifts.

“The holidays are a fascinating time from a consumer behaviour perspective. Consumers are purchasing more than at any other time of year, but they are doing so primarily for others,” says Dr. Ashworth.

Please note that Dr. Ashworth is only available until December 13th.

Nick Bala (Law)

Family law expert Nick Bala can discuss issues associated with custody, access and parenting arrangements at this time of year.

According to Professor Bala, the parents in front of a judge are those who have the most difficulty cooperating; questions may be asked whether they are thinking more about their children or themselves?

Keith McWhirter (Associate Director, ITServices)

Manager of Campus Computer Sales and Service at Queen’s, Keith McWhirter, is available to comment on holiday technology trends for 2013 and how these current trends show how many consumers are leaning more toward cloud technology.

Mr. McWhirter highlights the Samsung Galaxy 4, Microsoft’s XBOX One, and the iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina as hot sellers for this holiday season.

Tandy Thomas (School of Business)

Marketing expert Tandy Thomas is able to comment on holiday-specific marketing techniques and how some companies and brands become embedded in the holiday experience.

“Embedded in our holiday celebrations with friends and families are several brands and companies that have become entwined with the holiday experience,” says Dr. Thomas.

Sidneyeve Matrix (Film and Media Studies)

Film and Media Studies professor Sidneyeve Matrix is an expert in digital culture and communication and can comment on holiday smartphone apps for shopping, organizing your holiday season and recipes; e-commerce trends are showing more Canadians shopping online for gifts; the new tradition of activating new tablets, eReaders and smartphones on Christmas day and mobile apps to help you keep your new year's resolutions.

Please note that Dr. Matrix is only available for phone interviews.

Heather Evans (English Language and Literature)

Queen's University adjunct professor of English Heather Evans is available to comment on the long-standing tensions between religious observance and secular revelry at Christmas.
“Discussions about Christmas celebrations typically revolve around distinctions between religious observance and secular revelry, and between a so-called traditional celebration and a commercial spectacle,” says Dr. Evans.

Please note that Dr. Evans is only available for phone interviews.

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