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Holiday Season Experts


The Christmas Story
Richard Ascough
Richard Ascough, Associate Professor of New Testament with Queen's Theological College, can speak to the historical reality behind the Christmas story and current interpretations of it.
He is currently researching the dynamics of religious interaction and community development in small religious associations in the Greco-Roman world, to explore modern theories of Christian origins. In a separate line off research, Prof. Ascough has an ongoing interest in how religion intersects with film in terms of mythmaking, worldview and the creation of self or group identity.
613-533-6000 ext. 78066
Manger Scenes
William James       (Available until December 15)
William James, Professor of Religion and Literature, is an expert on religious diversity and religion in the public sphere. He can speak to public displays of religion, and more specifically about manger scenes at municipal buildings.
Prof. James is the lead researcher for Religious Diversity in Kingston which will map the current religious landscape of Kingston. He is also the author of Locations of the Sacred: Essay on Religion, Literature, and Canadian Culture (1998).
613-533-6000 ext. 74326

Christmas pageant music
Karen Pegley
Queen's Musicologist Karen Pegley can talk about the secularization of Christmas pageant music. Dr. Pegley is an Assistant Professor and Queen's National Scholar with Queen's School of Music and Department of Women's Studies.  An expert in the intersection of  popular music, visual culture and critical theory, she is in the process of writing a book on music television, globalization and recent shifts in cultural boundaries.
613 533 6000, ext. 78491
Socially-responsible Gifts
Jay Handelman
Queen's School of Business marketing professor, Jay Handelman, can discuss the socially-responsible marketing tactics and the impact such tactics have on consumers. He can also offer gift suggestions to the socially-conscious consumer.
Dr. Handelman is the co-author of Community Oriented Corporate Social Responsibility: Consumer Evaluation of Community Attachment (Advances in Consumer Research, 2003) and author of "Is Corporate Reputation Enough? Moral Legitimacy as an Alternative Measure for Corporate Social Responsibility" (conference paper, 2003).
December and Small Business
John Pliniussen
Queen's Business expert John Pliniussen, authority on new venture innovation and Director of Queen's Business Consulting can comment on how the December Holiday season puts all aspects of small business performance through its paces. This short season provides:

  • a peak sales cycle period that will help determine annual profitability
  • the best time to connect emotionally with customers and build loyalty
  • a good time to experiment with new items because demand will be strong
  • a good test for client service processes since complaints, returns and queries will be highest
  • and the best period to gauge how well the inventory management system performs (stock outs vs. excess inventory).

Dr. Plinuissen specializes in e-commerce strategies in e-marketing, selling, and creativity and innovation. He led the development of Canada's first marketing education portal and designed a new series of Internet-based case analysis tools. He is also Strategy Director with cgkTechnologiescgkTechnologies Inc.  and one of a handful of Canadians to ever be awarded the Edwin-Appel Prize for Entrepreneurial Leadership from Babson College (Cambridge, Mass.), the world leader in entrepreneurship education.
Workplace Interaction
Jana Raver
 The holiday office party, secret-Santas and even giving out Christmas cards can all have an effect on the quality of workplace relationships.
Queen's School of Business professor, Jana Raver, can speak to the impact of pro-social versus antisocial behaviour on the workplace and worker performance. Her research explores interpersonal work relationships, workplace bullying, sexual harassment, and cultural inclusiveness.
Dr. Raver, an E. Marie Shantz Research Fellow in Organizational Behaviour, is the author of the chapter "Counterproductive work behaviours" in the forthcoming Encyclopedia of Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and co-author of "Beyond the individual victim: Linking sexual harassment, team processes, and team performance" (2005, Academy of Management Journal).
For more information or to arrange an interview call Sarah Withrow 613-533-3280, Lorinda Peterson 613-533-3234, or Therese Greenwood 613-533-6907.
Attention broadcasters: Queen's now has facilities to provide broadcast quality audio and video feeds. For television interviews, we can provide a live, real-time double ender from Kingston fibre optic cable and broadcast quality radio transmissions from our on-campus studio. Please call for details.

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