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Health Access/Policy experts


Sam Shortt
Director of the Queen’s-based Centre for Health Services and Policy Research, Shortt can speak to waiting times and health access issues.

He is the author of numerous papers on medicine, history, and health policy as well as the recent monograph, The Doctor Dilemma: Public Policy and the Changing Role of Physicians under Ontario Medicare (1999). His current research focuses on accountability in health care.

Thomas Courchene

In his new IRPP paper, Queen’s Economic and Financial Policy Professor, Thomas Courchene, argues that Ottawa should welcome the intergovernmental model suggested by the pharmacare proposal as a way of addressing the federal/provincial fiscal imbalance issue.

Courchene’s “The Changing Nature of Quebec-Canada Relations: From the 1980 Referendum to the Summit of the Canadas” also notes that Quebec has shifted away from demanding more powers from the federal government and toward seeking adequate revenues to exercise its existing powers and that other provinces will follow suit.

In addition to his influential Institute for Research on Public Policy (IRPP) papers, Courchene is the author of some two hundred and fifty books and articles on Canadian policy issues.


Kathy Brock

Professor, Kathy Brock, leads the development of the School of Policy Study's new teaching and research activities in "Public Policy and the Third Sector." She is interested in creative private/public/voluntary sector collaborative solutions to Canada’s healthcare management challenges .

She is the author of Executive Federalism: Beggar Thy Neighbour? New Trends in Canadian Federalism (Broadview Press, 2003) and editor of Improving Connections between Governments and Nonprofit and Voluntary Organisations: Public Policy and the Third Sector (McGill-Queen's University Press, 2002).

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