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This Friday marks 50 years since the Kennedy assassination: Queen's University expert


On November 22nd, 1963 President John F. Kennedy was shot.

Friday marks the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination and Queen’s University conspiracy expert Geoffrey Smith is available to comment on the assassination, its aftermath and effects, and the larger American context of conspiracy in history.

“Conspiracy theories on the assassination of JFK tend to reveal more about those people theorizing than the event itself,” says Dr. Smith. “The assassination set in motion the largest and most vitriolic group of conspiracy theories in American history.”

Dr. Smith is interested in the various contexts that give rise to conspiratorial views of troubling and complex events.

“I have several criticisms of the Warren Report, especially the group’s desire to finish its job as quickly as possible, but I haven’t yet seen an argument that removes Lee Harvey Oswald from the role as the lone gunman. The Kennedy assassination, along with Pearl Harbor and 9/11 are benchmarks for conspiracy theorists.”

As a professor at Queen’s Dr. Smith has taught a course in conspiracy and dissent in American History multiple times.

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