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French election and its impact on the euro: Queen's University experts


Queen’s University experts Phil Guirlando and Timothy B. Smith are available to speak issues in France the Euro zone.

Mr. Guirlando is a PhD candidate in political studies and his research interests include the euro. He is available to speak about both the impact the recent election will have on the French economy and about Greek austerity measures and its impact on Greece and the euro.

“French presidential incumbent Hollande has created unrealistic expectations. His election is perceived as a major turnaround, but it’s unlikely that he will be able to fix the deep-seated problems that face France and the euro,” says Mr. Guirlando.

Dr. Smith is a Professor of History, the author of France in Crisis and a regular contributor to newspapers. He has given dozens of radio, television and print interviews in Europe and North America since 2005.

“Hollande has proposed early 1980s remedies for 2012 problems - more state spending, the hiring of more civil servants, the creation of 500,000 'contrats de génération' for France's unemployed youth, all of which will be paid for by the top 1 per cent,” says Dr. Smith. “This position stands in stark contrast to Germany's style of reform. When Germany or the EU or the IMF demands structural reform, the French public is unlikely to agree. And so the stage is set for a possible unraveling of the euro.”

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