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Campaign Effectiveness
Kathy Brock
Policy Studies Professor, Kathy Brock, can comment on party strategies and the effect of the Gomery Commission report. Her first area of expertise is Canadian politics and government. She leads the development of the School's new teaching and research activities in Public Policy and the Third Sector. She is the author of "Executive Federalism: Beggar Thy Neighbour", New Trends in Canadian Federalism (Broadview Press, 2003).
brockk@post.queensu.ca or 613-533-6486
Jonathan Rose
Queen's Political Studies professor Jonathan Rose is an expert in political advertising. He teaches and researches in the area of Canadian politics and political communication. He is the author of "Television Attack Ads: Planting the Seeds of Doubt" in Policy Options, September 2004; Making Pictures in our Heads: Government Advertising in Canada (New York: Pareger 2000) and "Government Advertising and the Creation of National Mythologies: The Canadian Case" in International Journal of Non-Profit Marketing 8:2 (2003).
Jonathan.rose@queensu.ca or 613-533-6225
Vincent Mosco
Vincent Mosco can comment on the effective vs. ineffective use of various forms of mass media - and new media - by political parties. He is Queen's Canada Research Chair in Communication and Society, and is the author of five books and editor or coeditor of eight books on the media, telecommunications, computers and information technology. His most recent books are The Digital Sublime: Myth, Power, and Cyberspace (MIT Press, 2004), Continental Order: Integrating North America for Cybercapitalism (edited with Dan Schiller and published by Rowman and Littlefield, 2001) and The Political Economy of Communication: Rethinking and Renewal (Sage, 1996).
moscov@mac.com or 613-533-2162
Tamara Small
Political Studies/Internet Studies PhD candidate, Tamara Small can talk to the use of email in the upcoming campaign. She has recently contributed a chapter on the cyber-campaign in The Canadian General Election of 2004. Her thesis is focused on the use of the Internet by Canadian political parties and candidates in the 2004 election.
Role of Quebec
John McGarry
John McGarry says, "A federal government without Quebec representatives would be very dangerous for the unity of the state. And we're likely to get that whichever party wins the election." He is a political studies professor and Queen's Canada Research Chair in Nationalism and Democracy. His research interests also include power-sharing (Consociationalism); federalism; regional autonomy; secession; globalization and minority nationalism; the management of ethnic conflict; and the politics of Northern Ireland.
He is the co-author of a new book of essays: The Northern Ireland Conflict: Consociational Conflict (Oxford University Press, 2004) and a co-editor of Minority Nationalism and the Changing International Order (Oxford University Press, 2001).
mcgarryj@qsilver.queensu.ca or 613-533-6237
Same-sex marriage:
Pamela Dickey Young
The head of the Department of Religious Studies at Queen's University, Pamela Dickey Young has done ongoing research into the social construction of sexuality and the Christian religious tradition in North America. She has made presentations to lawmakers on the issue of same-sex marriage, including the seminar "The Place of Churches In The Same-Sex Marriage Debate: A Few Things You Might Not Have Heard." Prof. Dickey Young can provide commentary and analysis based on her 20 years of research to address such questions as:

  • Can we turn back the clock?
  • Is marriage inherently religious?
  • Are theological arguments about same-sex marriage simply arguments that exploit fears of sexuality in general?
  • Are churches' concerns that their freedom of religion might be compromised related to fears that they are losing a privileged place in the public sphere?

youngpd@post.queensu.ca or 613 533 6000 x 74324
GST/Tax Law Expert
Art Cockfield
Queen's Law Professor Arthur Cockfield can speak to the effect lowering the GST would have on the North American business environment - and on cyber-businesses in particular.
"Significant tax reform should be an election issue. The tax system needs to be cleaned up (i.e. the tax base needs to be broadened), and lower income and middle-income Canadians should get tax cuts," he says.
Dr. Cockfield is author of the recently released NAFTA Tax Law and Policy: Resolving the Clash between Economic and Sovereignty Interests (University of Toronto Press, 2005). In addition to his international tax expertise, Dr. Cockfield has published extensively on the issues of taxation and the technological economy, and on privacy laws and technology.
art.cockfield@queensu.ca or 613-533-6000, ext. 78296
Rise of the Left
Ian McKay
Queen's historian Ian McKay has wide evidence that the left in Canada is flourishing and multi-dimensional and says, "the next left will be a movement of movements, and any part that seeks to speak for or to it will respect its diversity, its impatience and its vision. After two long decades of neo-liberal rule, it's beginning to feel like 1968 all over again."
Professor McKay is the author of the newly released Rebels, Reds, Radicals: Rethinking Canada's Left History (Between the Lines, Toronto).
imckay@magma.ca or 613-546-4309
North American Relations
David Haglund
Queen's Political Studies Professor David Haglund can speak to such issues as Canada's stance regarding UN reform and Canada's relationship with China. A Director of the Queen's Centre for International Relations for 15 years, he now teaches U.S. foreign policy at Queen's.
His is the author of Over Here and Over There: Canada-US Defence Cooperation in an Era of Interoperability (2001), The France-US Leadership Race: Closely Watched Allies (2000), and The North Atlantic Triangle Revisited: Canadian Grand Strategy at Century's End (2000).
haglundd@qsilver.queensu.ca 613-533-6230
Social Policy
Arthur Sweetman
Arthur Sweetman, director of Queen's School of Policy Studies, focuses on economic issues related to social policy. Recent research topics include health policy, education, immigration, poverty, unemployment insurance (employment insurance), program evaluation and microfinance. He is the author of the paper "Poverty Dynamics: Empirical Evidence for Canada" (with Ross Finnie) Canadian Journal of Economics, 36(3): 291-325.
sweetman@post.queensu.ca or 613-533-3114
Foreign Policy
Kim Nossal
Kim Nossal, head of Political Studies at Queen's says, "this will be an Anti-American election, with the Liberals using anti-Americanism - always a crowd-pleaser - to consolidate support." Dr. Nossal researches Canadian foreign and defence policy, and Canadian-American relations and can offer general commentary on these subjects. His other research interests include: humanitarian intervention in Canadian foreign policy; NGOs and the anti-globalization movement in Australia and Canada; issues in Australian-Canadian relations; the effects of international sanctions on particular countries, economies, and groups; the efforts of the international community to regulate the operations of transnational security corporations and individual mercenaries in the post-Cold War period.
Recent publications include: Diplomatic Departures: The Conservative Era in Canadian Foreign Policy, 1984-93 (Vancouver: UBC Press, 2001); "Life with uncle revisited: the United States and the issue of leadership," in David G. Haglund, ed., The France-US Leadership Race: Closely Watched Allies (Kingston: Queen's Quarterly Press, 2000), 157-79; The Patterns of World Politics (Scarborough, Ont: Prentice Hall Canada, 1998); The Politics of Canadian Foreign Policy, 3rd ed. (Scarborough, Ont: Prentice Hall Canada, 1997).
nossalk@post.queensu.ca or 613-533-6234
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