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The following experts can speak on various issues associated with the upcoming Federal budget. For more information call Sarah Withrow at 613.533.3280 or Therese Greenwood at 613.533.6907, Queen's News and Media Services.

Family Sociologist on National Day-Care:

Catherine Krull

Queen’s Sociology Professor, Catherine Krull, is in the process of writing a chapter for a forthcoming book on Canada’s family policy and the necessity for a national day program “Families and the State: Family Policy in Canada” (for David Cheal’s New Canadian Families). She is a specialist in family sociology and specifically on reproduction, women and family policy in Quebec (1931-2002).

613-533-6000 #74449

Educational Investment:

Tom Axworthy

Tom Axworthy, Chairman of Queen’s Centre of the Study of Democracy recently wrote: “In 2004, Goodale introduced the Learning Bond to help the poor save for education. He should go further in 2005 The $400 currently given to Canadians regardless of income who contribute to registered education plans should be redirected to the Learning Bond… Helping Canadians to acquire the asset of learning is the best single thing the Martin government can do.” From 1981 to 1984, Dr. Axworthy was Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister of Canada, the Right Honourable Pierre Trudeau and is also the author and editor of several books and numerous articles, including Searching for the New Liberalism: Perspectives, Policies, Prospects (Oakville: Mosaic Press, 2003).



Douglas Reid

Queen’s business professor Doug Reid can speak to the rumours that the Federal budget will include the announcement of an aerospace program that will have at its centre a massive ($200-300 million) grant to Bombardier. Dr. Reid has commented extensively in the media on the airline industry and strategic business alliances. He teaches strategic management with Queen’s MBA and commerce programs.


Social Policy Economist:

Arthur Sweetman

Arthur Sweetman is the Director of the School of Policy Studies at Queen’s University, and is cross-appointed in the Department of Economics. His research interests focus primarily on economic issues related to social policy. Recent research topics include education, immigration, health policy, poverty, unemployment insurance (employment insurance), program evaluation and microfinance.

(613) 533-3114

Health Policy:

Sam Shortt

Sam Shortt is Director of Queen’s Centre for Health Services and Policy Research and a Professor in the Department of Community Health and Epidemiology and the Department of Family Medicine. His current research interests include access issues and accountability in health care. He is the author of numerous papers on medicine, history, and health policy as well as the recent monograph, The Doctor Dilemma: Public Policy and the Changing Role of Physicians under Ontario Medicare (1999).

The Centre for Health Services and Policy Research is a research organization built around a core group of researchers trained in disciplines such as public policy, economics, epidemiology, biostatistics, medicine, social psychology, medical sociology and geography. Key areas of research interest include: health care funding; community-based care; program evaluation; and access to care issues.


Wealth Distribution:

Charles Beach

Queen’s Economics Professor Charles Beach can speak to the effect of Federal Budget decisions on the pocketbooks and work prospects of Canadians. He teaches in the areas of applied econometrics, income distribution, labour economics and industrial relations. He was a co-founder of the Canadian Econometric Study Group, co-initiator of the Canadian Household Panel Survey initiative, co-founding member of the Canadian Employment Research Forum, and Chair of the Data Liberation Initiative. He has served as adviser to numerous government departments and agencies. From 1995 to 2002, he was Editor of Canadian Public Policy/Analyse de Politiques. He has been Director of the John Deutsch Institute since 2001.


Fiscal Federalism:

Robin Boadway

Robin Boadway is the Sir Edward Peacock Professor of Economic Theory. A Queen’s economics professor since 1973, Dr. Boadway is the author of a plethora of books like Equalization: Its Contribution to Canada's Economic and Fiscal Progress, edited with Paul Hobson (Kingston: John Deutsch Institute, 1998). He is also the editor of the Journal of Public Economics.


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