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Queen’s University has experts who can talk about various aspects of the 2011 Federal Budget which will be tabled on March 22.

Douglas Bland – Defence
Dr. Bland (School of Policy Studies) is the Chair in Defence Management Studies in Queen’s University’s School of Policy Studies and can comment on any defence aspect of the budget. He wrote the introduction for Dreamland: How Canada's Pretend Foreign Policy Has Undermined Sovereignty, a work based on research conducted by Queen's Defence Management Studies. Dr. Bland is also the author of Canada’s National Defence, and Uprising, a study of the outcome of a future aboriginal insurgency in Canada.

Kathy Brock – Politics and Aboriginal issues
Dr. Brock (Policy Studies and Political Studies) can talk about federalism, intergovernmental relations, elections and parties, Aboriginal issues and the politics of the budget.

Ned Franks – Parliamentary procedures, confidence motions, elections
Dr. Franks (Political Studies) is one of Canada’s leading experts on Parliament and can comment on the behind-the-scenes politics of the budget, such as support from the opposition parties, confidence motions and whether or not this budget will trigger an election.

Catherine Krull – Work-life balance
Dr. Krull (Sociology) is an expert in family sociology and specifically in reproduction, women and family policy. She has just released a new book, A Life in Balance? Reopening the Family-Work Debate.

Kathleen Lahey – Corporate tax cuts, women’s issues, widening gap between rich and poor
Prof. Lahey (Law) is an expert on taxation and tax policy, and can discuss corporate tax cuts. She is the author of several books, including The Taxation of Women and Corporate Taxation. In her current study of federal budgetary policies, she has found that Canada's recent tax cuts – including successive corporate income tax cuts – have significantly impaired Canada's fiscal capacity as compared with other highly-developed countries, and have also contributed directly to expanding income gaps between low-, middle-, and high-income taxpayers.

Scott Matthews – Public opinion, voter psychology
Dr. Mathews (Political Studies) is an expert on voting and public opinion and political psychology. He can discuss public reaction to the budget. (NOTE: Dr. Mathews is available only for phone interviews.)

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