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Charles Pentland

Queen's Political Studies Professor Charles Pentland studies the political development and external relations of the European Union, especially its policy in the Balkans, and relationships with the Ukraine and Russia. Dr. Pentland is Director of Queen’s Centre for International Relations, Associate Director of the Democratic Education Project for Ukraine, with the Centre for the Study of Democracy, and a former co-editor of the Journal of European Integration. He was Head of Queen’s Political Studies Department for several years.


Timothy Smith

"France's 'social' model is imploding, quite independently of the EU or anything else for that matter," says Queen's Historian Tim Smith. "European expansion reminds the French that their model is living on borrowed time. We are witnessing a sort of French Revolution in reverse, as the general public rises up and takes to the streets to defend the privileges of the new aristocracy." Dr. Smith teaches Modern European history, comparative public policy, and the history of globalization. He is the author of France in Crisis: Welfare, Inequality and Globalization since 1980 (Cambridge University Press, 2004). A French version of France in Crisis will be published in Paris in Dec. 2005. He is writing a textbook called France since 1980 for Cambridge U.P. He is also working on a book project examining trade, unemployment, inequality, and social policy in Western Europe and North America since the 1970’s.


Grant Amyot

Queen's Political Studies Professor Grant Amyot is an Italian specialist who says the recent French rejection of the EU Constitution “is not a revolutionary step forward,” but rather constitutes “a loss of momentum.” He is the author of Business, the State, and Economic Policy: the Case of Italy (Routledge, 2004), and The Euro and the Canadian Dollar: Politics vs. Economics,”in F. Ghilardi (ed.), Canada and Italy: Realties in Progress, Pisa, ETS, 2000.


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