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Campaign Effectiveness

Use of Media

Vincent Mosco

Vincent Mosco is Queen’s Canada Research Chair in Communication and Society, and is the author of five books and editor or coeditor of eight books on the media, telecommunications, computers and information technology. His most recent book is The Digital Sublime: Myth, Power, and Cyberspace (MIT Press, 2004).


Tamara Small

Political Studies/Internet Studies PhD candidate, Tamara Small researches the functions of political party websites in Canada – and has noticed the parties are making extensive use of their email lists regarding Gomery inquiry issues. Recent research projects include Cyber-Campaign 2000, The Function of the Internet in Canadian Electoral Politics.



Kathy Brock

School of Policy Studies Professor, Kathy Brock, can comment on party strategy. Her first area of expertise is Canadian politics and government. She leads the development of the School's new teaching and research activities in "Public Policy and the Third Sector."

She is the author of Executive Federalism: Beggar Thy Neighbour?” New Trends in Canadian Federalism (Broadview Press, 2003).


Jonathan Rose

Queen’s Political Studies professor Jonathon Rose is an expert in political advertising. He teaches and researches in the area of Canadian politics and political communication. He is the author of Making Pictures in our Heads: Government Advertising in Canada (New York: Pareger 2000).


Rise of the Left

Ian McKay

Queen’s historian Ian McKay has wide evidence that the left in Canada is flourishing and multi-dimensional and says, “the next left will be a movement of movements, and any part that seeks to speak for or to it will respect its diversity, its impatience and its vision. After two long decades of neo-liberal rule, it's beginning to feel like 1968 all over again.”
Professor McKay is the author of the newly released Rebels, Reds, Radicals: Rethinking Canada’s Left History (Between the Lines, Toronto).


Role of Quebec

John McGarry

John McGarry says, "A federal government without Quebec representatives would be very dangerous for the unity of the state. And we're likely to get that whichever party wins the election." Dr. McGarry is a political studies professor and Queen’s Canada Research Chair in Nationalism and Democracy. His research interests also include power-sharing (Consociationalism); federalism; regional autonomy; secession; globalization and minority nationalism.


North American Relations


Bob Wolfe

Queen’s School of Policy Study’s Robert Wolfe can speak to North American integration issues. He is an expert in WTO, trade policy – including issues surrounding mad cow disease – foreign affairs, and Canada-U.S. relations. He is the author of "Where’s the Beef? Law, Institutions and the Canada-U.S. Border,"(August 2004).



David Haglund

Queen’s Political Studies Professor David Haglund is an expert on transatlantic, and Canadian/American security policy. A Director of the Queen’s Centre for International Relations for 15 years, he now teaches U.S. foreign policy at Queen’s.

His is the author of Over Here and Over There: Canada-US Defence Cooperation in an Era of Interoperability (2001).


Social Policy

Arthur Sweetman

Arthur Sweetman, Director of Queen’s School of Policy Studies, focuses on economic issues related to social policy including health policy, education, immigration, poverty, unemployment insurance (employment insurance), program evaluation and microfinance. He is the author of "Poverty Dynamics: Empirical Evidence for Canada"(with Ross Finnie) Canadian Journal of Economics, 36(3): 291-325.


Environmental Policy

Anita Krajnc

“If you care about the environment don’t vote Tory,” says Anita Krajnc, expert in peace and conflict studies. She notes that though Stephen Harper now says he would not pull out of Kyoto, he would effectively do so by not implementing the plan. She can comment on how Canada’s environmental groups view the environmental stances of the various political parties.

Kranjnc is the first Policy Studies Skelton-Clark Postdoctoral Fellow. She is working on a book, Adapting Social Movement Strategies, which explains major changes in social movement strategies in response to changes in the domestic and international environments. Her doctoral thesis was entitled "Green Learning: The Role of Scientists and the Environmental Movement."


Foreign Policy


Kim Nossal

Kim Nossal, head of Political Studies at Queen’s, researches Canadian foreign and defence policy, and Canadian-American relations and can offer general commentary on these subjects. His other research interests include: humanitarian intervention in Canadian foreign policy; and the effects of international sanctions on particular countries, economies, and groups

Amongst his most recent publications is Diplomatic Departures: The Conservative Era in Canadian Foreign Policy, 1984-93 (Vancouver: UBC Press, 2001).


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