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Economic Policy
Fiscal Federalism
Tom Courchene  http://www.queensu.ca/sps/biography/tom_courchene/
… is a professor of economic and financial policy at Queen's, cross appointed to the Department of Economics, the School of Policy Studies and the Faculty of Law. He is also Senior Scholar, Institute for Research on Public Policy in Montreal. He has written extensively on Canadian policy issues including such topics as monetary policy, fiscal policy, social policy, financial deregulation, the political economy of Canadian federalism, and comparative federal systems. Dr. Courchene is past chair the Ontario Economic Council, past president of the Canadian Economics Association, former member of the Economic Council of Canada, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, an Officer in the Order of Canada, a former Senior Fellow of the C.D. Howe Institute, and holds Honourary Doctorates of Laws from the University of Western Ontario and the University of Saskatchewan.
courchen@post.queensu.ca(613) 533-6689
Robin Boadway
… is the associate director of the John Deutsch Institute for the Study of Economic Policy and former head of Queen’s Economics. His research interests are in the areas of public sector and welfare economics, with special emphasis on tax theory and policy, redistribution, fiscal federalism and cost-benefit analysis. His work includes books entitled Public Sector Economics, Welfare Economics, Canadian Tax Policy, Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations in Canada and Economics and the Canadian Economy as well as articles in academic journals. He has been involved in research studies for the John Deutsch Institute, the Economic Council of Canada, the World Bank, the OECD, the Financial and Fiscal Commission in South Africa, the Canadian Tax Foundation and for Royal Commissions on the Economic Union, Passenger Transportation, Aboriginal Peoples, and various Canadian government departments. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.
(613) 533-2266     
Health Economics
Centre for Health Services and Policy Research (CHSPR) (http://chspr.queensu.ca/biographies.htm
Sam Shortt
Is … director of CHSPR is cross appointed in Community Health and Epidemiology and Family Medicine. His current research interests include access issues and accountability in health care. In addition to practicing academic and community-based family medicine for two decades, and teaching health policy courses, he is the author of numerous papers on medicine, history, and health policy as well as the recent monograph, The Doctor Dilemma: Public Policy and the Changing Role of Physicians under Ontario Medicare (1999).
613-533-6000, ext. 77665
Allan Gregory
is a professor of economics with interest in health economics, econometrics and finance. He recently shared the Harry Johnson Prize, awarded annually for best paper published Canadian Journal of Economics: "Practice Setting and Labour Supply of Physicians in Canada". He has published over 40 peer-reviewed papers. His health research interests include needs based funding models, designing software for physician monitoring, and modeling practice patterns of physicians. 
613 533 2299
John Dorland
is a health economist and an assistant professor cross appointed in Community Health and Epidemiology and Policy Studies.  His research interests include the use of administrative databases for health services research, economic evaluation of health programs, and the design of needs-based health services planning and funding models. Within CHSPR, he coordinates the Ministry of Health Applied Research Program. Before joining the faculty at Queen’s, he had an extensive career in government where he specialized in program design and health policy.
613 533 6000, ext. 77096
Health Policy
Mary Ann McColl 
… is the Associate Director, Research at CHSPR, and a professor and former head of Occupational Therapy in the School of Rehabilitation Therapy. Her primary research interest is health services and policy for people with disabilities, community integration and social support for people with disabilities, and measurement issues in disability and rehabilitation.
Ana Johnson-Masotti
… is Canada Research Chair in Health Policy in and assistant professor in Community Health and Epidemiology.  Her recent projects have included the economic evaluation of various health programs and the analysis of uncertainty in cost-effectiveness analysis.  Decision analytic projects have concentrated on resource allocation of HIV prevention funds across the USA and more recently on the prioritization of health technologies across provinces in Canada. Her research interests are in economic evaluations of health care programs, uncertainty in cost-effectiveness analysis, decision-making, resource allocation, cancer, public health, HIV and sexually transmitted diseases, palliative care and health technologies. 
613-533-6000, ext. 78055
Heather Stuart
… is an associate professor cross appointed to Community Health and Epidemiology and Psychiatry.  Her main research interests are in the areas of community mental health and the social aspects of health. Research projects have included assessing the needs of homeless populations, the criminalization of the mentally ill, and the effects of hospital restructuring.  Her research aims to help policy makers and planners solve day-to-day problems and make more informed (evidence-based) decisions.  She has worked in both hospital and community-based mental health treatment systems, and has worked on international projects with the World Health Organization, the Pan American Health Organization, and the World Psychiatric Association. 
613 533-6000, ext. 77097
Jerome Bickenbach
… is cross appointed in Philosophy, Law and Medicine. His research includes disability epidemiology, disability and health, the ethics and policy of summary health measures and health related quality of life, and health law generally. He is currently researching the law and policy of health systems performance assessment, from the perspective of disability.  As a lawyer, Dr. Bickenbach was a human rights litagater, specializing in anti-discrimination for persons with intellectual impairments and mental illness. Since 1995 he has been a consultant with the World Health Organization working on the revision of the ICIDH-2, and disability social policy. He is the author of Physical Disability and Social Policy (1993) and the co-editor of Introduction to Disability (1998), Disability and Culure: Universalism and Diversity (2000), and numerous articles and chapters in disability studies, focusing on the nature of disability and disability law and policy.
613 533-6000, ext. 77030
Education policyProfessor Tom Williams (http://www.queensu.ca/sps/biography/tom_williams/)
is cross appointed in Policy Studies and Education. Dr. Williams research focuses on areas of education policy including management development and training.
trwe@post.queensu.ca, 613.533.6000, ext. 74020.
Post Secondary School reform
Alan King (http://educ.queensu.ca/~speg/biographies.htm#AKING)
…is a professor emeritus and founding director of Queen’s Social Program Evaluation Group, specializes in the study of schools and adolescent behaviour. He directed the Ontario Double Cohort Study for the Ontario government – the fourth and final report for this study was released this fall. He was the senior author of the 25 country WHO-sponsored report Health and Health Behaviours Among Young People. Dr. King has acted as an advisor to a number of organizations including Ontario's Royal Commission on Learning and the WHO Global Program on AIDS and Ontario Secondary School Reform. His recent publications include Trends in the Health of Canadian Youth.
613.533.6000, ext. 77259                    Not available Dec. 13-15Quality of post secondary education
Ross Finnie   http://post.queensu.ca/~ref/ is a research fellow and adjunct professor at Queens School of Policy Studies and a visiting fellow at Statistics Canada. His work includes the study of access to post-secondary education, student debt loads and proposals for revamping the student financial aid system. More recent work has proposed a framework for measuring the quality of post-secondary education. Other research has focused on poverty and welfare, looking at the dynamic processes of these (i.e., entry and exit rates) and related policy issues. Earlier work on the brain drain is currently being updated and extended.ref@post.queensu.ca, 613.533.6000, ext. 74219.  yesLarge scale educational testing Don Klinger http://educ.queensu.ca/faculty/profiles/klinger/index.shtml is an assistant professor in Education. His research focuses on two aspects of large scale educational testing. One study examines the evolving assessment culture in Canada, investigating the perceptions of educational stakeholders with respect to the purposes and uses of large scale testing in different educational jurisdictions in Canada, specifically, B. C. Alberta, and Ontario. Another study examines student and school factors associated with achievement on Ontario provincial achievement tests and the OSSLT. The goal of this research is to inform policy makers about changes that may be necessary to increase student achievement.
klingerd@educ.queensu.ca, 613.533.3028       yesInternational Education
Sheryl Bond http://educ.queensu.ca/~bonds/ is an associate professor of education leadership in Education. As coordinator of the Gender, Education and Development Network of the newly established College of the Americas, she is a leader in the internationalization of post secondary education. She is also leading a research program, which concerns the health of women academics and administrators. This includes concerns about auto-immune disease issues, family-work life balance, and impact of workload on health. slb2@post.queensu.ca, 613.533.3031.   After Dec. 14
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