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The global economy continues to be the top story this year. Queen’s University experts are available to comment on and interpret the news, across many fields.
Financial markets, pensions:James G. MacKinnon (Economics)Contact Elaine Constant (613) 533-2252Email: jgm@econ.queensu.caWeb: http://www.econ.queensu.ca/faculty/mackinnon/
Banking crisis, auto industry, credit and stock market, global economy:Louis Gagnon (Business)Cell: (613) 329-6707 Email: louis.gagnon@telus.blackberry.netWeb: http://www.business.queensu.ca/faculty_and_research/faculty_list/lgagnon.php
Business cycles, marketing, and general economic situation:Ken Wong (Business)Phone: (613) 533-2367Email: kwong@business.queensu.caWeb: http://www.business.queensu.ca/faculty_and_research/faculty_list/kwong.php
Monetary policy and the Bank of Canada, fiscal stimulus evidence, international experiences of the recession:Gregor W. Smith (Economics)Phone: (613) 533-6659Email: smithgw@econ.queensu.caWeb: http://qed.econ.queensu.ca/pub/faculty/smithgw/Trade policy, the WTO:Robert Wolfe (Policy Studies)Email: robert.wolfe@queensu.caWeb: http://www.queensu.ca/sps/people/faculty/wolfer/index.php
Oil and gas prices, global economy, federal budget:David Detomasi (Business)Phone: (613) 533-6989Email: ddetomasi@business.queensu.caWeb: http://www.business.queensu.ca/faculty_and_research/faculty_list/ddetomasi.php
Stress of unemployment, job market for young workers:Glenda Fisk (Policy Studies)Email: fiskglen@queensu.caWeb: http://www.queensu.ca/sps/people/faculty/fiskg/
Effects of layoffs on organization leaders, effect of unemployment on familiesJulian Barling (Business)Phone: (613) 533 2477Email: jbarling@business.queensu.caWeb: http://web.business.queensu.ca/faculty/jbarling/
Natural resources, sustainability, economic growth:John M. Hartwick (Economics)Phone: (613) 533-2263Email: hartwick@qed.econ.queensu.caWeb: http://www.econ.queensu.ca/pub/faculty/hartwick/
To arrange an interview with one or more of these Queen’s experts you can contact them directly or contact Stephanie Earp at 613-533-6000 ext. 79173 or via email at stephanie.earp@queensu.ca or Jeff Drake at 613-533-2877 or via email at jeff.drake@queensu.ca, News and Media Services.

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