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Democratic transition in Libya


Queen’s University’s Christian Leuprecht is available to talk about the unfolding events in Libya, Canada’s role in the democratic transition, the wider implications for North Africa and the Middle East, and the significance of Libya’s oil production coming back on-line.

“Bringing down Ghadafi will look relatively easy compared to what comes next. The challenge is finding a way to govern a country deeply divided among six tribes, regions, and class, and the beginnings of a Islamist movement,” says Dr. Leuprecht, a fellow in Queen's Centre for International and Defence Policy at Queen’s University and an expert in international security issues. “One test of the rebels' commitment to constitutionalism, the Rule of Law, and governance will be whether they hand over Ghadafi and his sons to the International Criminal Court under warrants issued by the ICC, or whether they'll carry out vigilante justice in the streets.”

Dr. Leuprecht feels that the early indications look surprisingly positive. Under the conditions seen in Tripoli, he would normally expect widespread looting and a proliferation of war crimes, especially rape. That neither situation seems to be endemic suggests a high degree of civility and leadership among the rebels and bodes well for their commitment to sort out their differences in a peaceful manner.

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