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Comet ISON may have survived brush with the sun: Queen's University expert


Queen’s University astronomy expert David Hanes is available to discuss Comet ISON’s close encounter with the sun.

New images being analyzed today showed a streak of light moving away from the sun that could indicate that part of the comet survived its brush with the sun.

“We’ve been fortunate in the last couple of decades to enjoy the brilliant display of several spectacular comets, such as Hyakutake and Hale-Bopp, and the discovery of Comet ISON, just over a year ago, led to a number of optimistic predictions that it might become equally impressive,” says Dr. Hanes. “Newly found comets are not all alike, however, and can be quite unpredictable, so astronomers were wisely cautious in their forecasts, but guardedly hopeful!”

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