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Afghanistan post-2011


Queen’s University professor Douglas Bland is available to discuss Canada’s role in Afghanistan post-2011, as well as cuts made to the military in this year’s federal budget.
“Some might propose an agenda limited to immediate, seemingly uncomplicated ‘mission adjustments,’” says Professor Bland.  “For instance, should we withdraw only from active combat operations, maintaining a cadre of forces to train Afghan national police and military units? Or should Canada withdraw rapidly all military units, leaving allies and Afghans to carry the burden? In lieu of military operations, should we enhance our humanitarian and governance efforts in the region? If our commitment does matter and there will be significant risks if we leave, then perhaps the Prime Minister should talk to Canadians about them before we walk out the door.”
Dr. Bland will be a speaker at an event in Ottawa Tuesday night that marks the release of a vision document outlining recommendations for how Canadians can best remain involved in Afghanistan. The event stems from Professor Bland’s Globe and Mail editorial asking what Canadians should be talking about when it comes to the Afghanistan withdrawal.
He holds the chair in Defence Management Studies in the Queen's University School of Policy Studies. His research is concentrated in the fields of defence policy making and management at national and international levels, the organization and functioning of defence ministries, and civil-military relations. He is a frequent advisor to senior government officials around the world.
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