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2010 Vancouver Olympics


A number of Queen’s University experts are available leading up to, during, and following the Olympics, to discuss various aspects of the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver, British Columbia. 
To arrange an interview please contact Kristyn Wallace at (613)533-6000 ext 79173 kristyn.wallace@queensu.ca or Michael Onesi at (613)533-6000 ext 77513 michael.onesi@queensu.ca, News and Media Services, Queen’s University.
Sports/Sports Psychology
Jean Cote (Kinesiology and Health Studies) - developmental and psychosocial factors that affect sport and physical activity performance and participation, behaviors within family, performers and coaches that create favorable conditions for excellence and participation in sports.Website: http://www.queensu.ca/skhs/ContactUs-2/Faculty-1/Faculty-JeanCote.html
John Phelan (Business) – an expert in coaching strategy and mental preparation for sport; can speak to the mental preparation involved to compete at that level, as well as coaching and leadership within the Olympic movement.Website:  http://business.queensu.ca/faculty_and_research/faculty_list/jphelan.php
Tracy J. Trothen (Theological College) – sport, technologies (ex. Super swim suits, cheetah legs, Repoxygen), ethics and sport and spirituality/religion. Website: http://rels.queensu.ca/fac.tt.php
Michael Tschakovsky (School of Kinesiology and Health Studies) – endurance performance (cross country and long distance speed skating) as well as power performance (short-track speed skating and downhill ski racing).Website: http://www.queensu.ca/skhs/ContactUs-2/Faculty-1/Faculty-MikeTschakovsky.html
Mary Louise Adams (Sociology) - sociology of sport, gender and sexuality, popular culture.Website: http://www.queensu.ca/sociology/?q=people/faculty/cross-appointed/mla1**Limited availability – must be reached by email or by phone in Edinburgh, Scotland**
Ken Wong (Business) – One of Canada’s most respected marketing experts and a Queen’s business professor, can provide analysis of the branding relationship between corporate advertising and sponsorship and the Olympic Games.“These Olympics will feature one of the greatest integrated, multi-media assaults on Canadian audiences ever. Movie chains, different TV channels, social networks etc...They have set it up so that each media is to be used in its best way,” says Professor Wong.Website: http://business.queensu.ca/faculty_and_research/faculty_list/kwong.php
Vince Mosco (Sociology) – social implications of corporate sponsorship of the Olympics. The political and economic controversies that inevitably accompany the Olympics, particularly their commercialization.Website: http://www.queensu.ca/sociology/?q=people/faculty/full-time/moscov
Sidney Eve Matrix (Film and Media) – the way social media factors into the promotion and production of, and public participation in, the Vancouver games, including athlete's tweets, student e-journalist contests, YouTube torch-run clips, blogs, pagecasts, and Facebook Fan pages. Professor Matrix can also discuss how part of the social media uptake is driven by sponsors such as Samsung and McDonalds, as well as the debate over who has rights to distribute images and information about, and provide coverage of these sporting events to the public.Website: http://www.film.queensu.ca/Sidney.html
Betsy J Donald (Geography, School of Urban and Regional Planning) – the geography, political science, economics, and social psychology of cities. Local food at the Olympics.Website: http://geog.queensu.ca/faculty/donald.asp
David Murakami Wood (Sociology) - surveillance and privacy, information technologies. Helped draft the text of the Vancouver Statement.Website: http://www.queensu.ca/sociology/?q=people/faculty/david-murakami-wood
David Lyon (Sociology) – Surveillance and privacy, information technologies.“Such mega events are test beds for new security and surveillance technologies and systems and the trend is for such systems to stay in place after the event. We've looked at the history of Olympics and similar sporting and cultural events and these things are increasingly true. Vancouver fits the pattern.”Website: http://www.queensu.ca/sociology/?q=people/faculty/full-time/lyond
John Smol (Biology) – lakes, climate change, pollution, long-term environmental change.Website: http://biology.queensu.ca/faculty/smol.html
Neal Scott (Geography) - Canada Research Chair in Greenhouse Gas Dynamics and Ecosystem Management.Website: http://geog.queensu.ca/faculty/scott.asp

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