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For the Record: January 24, 2013

Thu, 01/24/2013


Principal seeks reappointment

Daniel Woolf will complete his current term as Principal and Vice-Chancellor of Queen’s University in June 2014. Dr. Woolf has indicated he wishes to be considered for reappointment at that time. A Joint Board/Senate Committee to Review the Principalship has been established to advise the Board of Trustees on the reappointment of the Principal.

The Committee invites members of the community to submit their views by February 15, 2013 on the principalship and on the present state and future development of the university as they relate to the principalship. A website has been established to provide the community with information about the process and to provide updates on the work of the committee. On this website, there is a survey that can be used to submit comments, as well as information about the committee, its members, and the selection process. The selection process is confidential and all submissions will be held in confidence by the committee.

Queen’s is committed to an inclusive campus community with accessible goods, services, and facilities that respect the dignity and independence of persons with disabilities — appropriate supports for this survey are available upon request. Please contact Gail MacAllister in one of the following ways. Email: principal.review@queensu.ca; phone: 613-533-6095; in person: Room 153, Richardson Hall.


Faculty of Health Sciences

  • J. Alberto Neder Serafini, Medicine-Respirology & Critical Care Medicine (January 7, 2013)
  • Vickie J. Martin, Obstetrics & Gynaecology (January 1, 2013)
  • Timothy P. Hanna, Oncology (January 1, 2013)
  • Keith R. Gregoire, Paediatrics (January 1, 2013)
  • Khalid Saeed, Psychiatry (January 1, 2013)


Headship Review Committee — Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine

Joel Parlow’s first term as head of the Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine will end on June 30, 2013 and Dr. Parlow has indicated he is willing to be considered for reappointment. The procedure to be followed in reviewing the headship is the Modified Reappointment Process for Heads of Clinical Departments. In accordance with this document, a joint committee has been established to provide advice to the Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic) of Queen’s University and the chief executive officers of Hotel Dieu Hospital, Kingston General Hospital and Providence Care on the reappointment of Dr. Parlow and the present state and future prospects of the department. The membership of the committee includes:

  • Dr. Richard K. Reznick, Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences and Director, School of Medicine
  • Dr. Rachel A.D. Rooney, Assistant Professor, Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine
  • Dr. John F. Rudan, Professor and Head, Department of Surgery
  • Dr. C. Ruth Wilson, Vice President, Medical and Academic Programs, Providence Care
  • Dr. David T. Zelt, Chief of Staff and Vice President Medical Administration, Kingston General Hospital
  • Dr. C. Dale Mercer (co-chair), Chief of Staff, Hotel Dieu Hospital
  • Dr. Iain D. Young (co-chair), Executive Vice-Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Mrs. Gail L. Knutson (secretary), Senior Staffing Officer, Faculty of Health Sciences

Faculty, staff, students, residents, members of the teaching hospitals and other members of the university and health sciences communities are invited to submit comments on the present state and future prospects of the Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine and the degree of support for the reappointment of Dr. Parlow as head. Submissions are to be sent by February, 25, 2013 to the committee co-chairs either in writing c/o Gail Knutson, Faculty of Health Sciences, Macklem House, 18 Barrie Street, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, K7L 3N6 or electronically to gail.knutson@queensu.ca. Responses will remain confidential and will be shared only with the members of the review committee; anonymous submissions will not be considered.

Headship Selection Committee — Robert M. Buchan Department of Mining

Laeeque Daneshmend was recently appointed deputy provost at Queen’s University. With this appointment it is necessary to commence a search for his successor as head of the Robert M. Buchan Department of Mining. A selection committee has been formed to consider the present state and future prospects of the department and to assist the Provost and Vice Principal (Academic) in the selection of a department head. The membership of the committee includes:

Elected Members

Robert M. Buchan Department of Mining:

  • Dr. J. Archibald
  • Dr. J. Marshall
  • Dr. S. McKinnon
  • Dr. C. Pickles
  • Dr. U. Thorley

Appointed Members

  • Dr. M. Green, Professor, Civil Engineering
  • Ms Jessica Neumann, undergraduate student representative
  • Mr. Alexander Cushing, graduate student representative
  • Ms Wanda Badger, Department Manager, Robert M. Buchan Department of Mining

Non-Voting Members

  • Dr. K. McAuley, Associate Dean, School of Graduate Studies and Research.


  • Dr. K. Woodhouse, Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science.


  • Donna Horner

Faculty, staff and students are invited to submit their comments on the present state and future prospects of the Robert M. Buchan Department of Mining, and the names of possible candidates for the headship, to the chair of the committee, Dr. Kimberly Woodhouse, c/o Donna Horner by January 31, 2013. All letters will be reviewed by the selection committee and will become part of the record of decision-making.


Board of Trustees Elections

Polls open at 8:30 am on February 1 and close at 4 pm on February 28, 2013. Vote online.

Nominees for staff trustee: David Bruce (Research Services), Steve Tanner (Engineering and Applied Science), Karilee Whiteway (Computing).

Nominees for faculty/librarian/archivist trustee: Oded Haklai (Political Studies), Lewis Tomalty (Biomedical and Molecular Sciences).

Board of Trustees website

Queen's Pension Plan — Additional Voluntary Contributions

Members of the Queen's Pension Plan (QPP) can make Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs) by payroll deduction each month without interruption, subject to a monthly contribution limit based on annual pensionable salary. Under this program, contributions will be deducted every month of the year and will continue indefinitely, so there is no need to renew each year.

With the exception of new employees (who may enrol at the beginning of their appointment), the opportunity to enrol is only available in February of each year. This annual window of opportunity also allows existing AVC contributors to increase their deductions (subject to the monthly limit) or decrease their deduction. Participants may stop their deduction at any time (subject only to re-enrolment restrictions).

If you wish to enrol or make a change to your current monthly AVC deduction, please use this link, print and complete the form and return it to the Pensions & Insurance Unit, Department of Human Resources, Fleming Hall, prior to February 8, 2013. If you have any questions, please contact Human Resources at ext. 32070.

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