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University Secretary schedules retirement

[University Secretary Georgina Moore is retiring after 12 years in the position]Georgina Moore began her career at Queen's in 1986 in the Faculty of Education. Since 2000, she has served as the University Secretary.

Over the past 12 years, Georgina Moore has occasionally received puzzled looks after telling people she is the Secretary of Queen’s University.

“When I explain that I support and assist the university’s governing bodies, some people think my job is procedural and boring. It’s not like that at all because I am contributing to the decisions that impact the university on many levels,” she says.

Ms Moore will not have to explain her role much longer as she prepares to retire in June. She joined the University Secretariat in 1992 and became Secretary of the University in 2000. Ms Moore began her career at Queen’s in 1986 when she contributed to a research project in the Faculty of Education.

“The University Secretary and the Secretariat often fly ‘under the radar,’ but their role is crucial. Bodies like University Senate and Board of Trustees are places where we as a community come together to make our decisions, and having them run well is crucial to the health of Queen’s,” says Principal Daniel Woolf. “As an administrator, I have benefitted enormously from her advice and institutional knowledge; as a historian, I am also acutely conscious of the Secretariat’s role as keeper of our records and history. Georgina has done an excellent job of balancing these challenges.”

Ms Moore has enjoyed working with members of University Senate, Board of Trustees and University Council. She notes that as Secretary of the University, she had a remarkable opportunity to work with many talented and interesting people who are extremely committed to Queen’s.

Supporting the governing bodies and providing impartial advice to the entire university community has presented certain challenges and rewards for Ms Moore. Because Queen’s Royal Charter dates back to 1841, Ms Moore found she had to balance the rich history of the institution’s development with the present and future needs of the university.

Technological advancements over the past decade have allowed the University Secretariat to organize information much more efficiently. New tools have emerged but the Secretariat’s operating principle remains unchanged: ensure people across the university receive, in a timely manner, the information they require to make good decisions.

Ms Moore is looking forward to setting her own schedule and finding more time for aquafit classes. She also plans to visit family in England soon after her retirement.

The search for a new University Secretary is currently underway.

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