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Transatlantic exchange program 'surfaces' for computer students

[Exchange student Quentin Bellay demonstrates his work at the EQUIS lab]Quentin Bellay, an exchange student from France, demonstrates the work he is doing at the Engineering Interactive Systems at Queen's University (EQUIS) lab. Mr. Bellay is at Queen's for six months as part of the LEIF project designed to enhance surface computing research and education.

Queen’s has joined an eight-member consortium of Canadian and European universities to create a transatlantic exchange project that will enhance surface computing research and education. Surface computing is a tactile and direct form of computer interaction commonly seen on multi-touch smartphones and tablets.

“Graduate or upper-year undergraduate students can broaden their experience and knowledge of surface computing by working in a different lab for a period of time. Also while on exchange, they get exposed to different kinds of applications and ways of thinking,” says Nick Graham, director of the Engineering Interactive Systems at Queen’s University (EQUIS) lab and the Queen’s lead for the LEIF project, named in honour of the Norse explorer.

The School of Computing is the host of the LEIF project at Queen's, and the EQUIS lab has welcomed its first project exchange student. Quentin Bellay arrived in March from the Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile in Toulouse, France. The master’s student, who researches human-computer interaction, joined a project team at the EQUIS lab that is developing a computer-aided exercise program for children with cerebral palsy.

“I get to practice what I am working on back home. The project is also a great opportunity to come to Canada and discover a new culture,” he says.

The LEIF project will support at least 64 student exchange experiences in total and 16 faculty exchanges over the next three years. The partner universities will also jointly develop graduate-level curriculum specialized in interactive surface computing.

Queen’s students can apply for an exchange to one of the LEIF European partners located in France, Germany or Austria in the near future. More information about LEIF can be found online. If you have questions about the exchange project, contact Nick Graham by email or call (613) 533-6526.

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