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Royal Society highlights Queen's researchers


Three Queen’s professors are presenting their research at the Eastern Ontario Regional Seminar of the Royal Society of Canada.

The newly inducted members include Stan Brown (Chemistry), Audrey Kobayashi (Geography, Gender Studies) and David Thomson (Mathematics and Statistics). The Royal Society features a roster of distinguished scholars, artists and scientists.

Dr. Brown has developed new methods for the decomposition of chemical weapons and pesticides. The Canadian, British and United States military is currently evaluating his research.

“My research will give people the tools to deal with issues such as decommissioning a stockpile of weapons and neutralizing weapons of opportunity, and dealing with events  such as the Tokyo subway attack in 1995 in which the nerve agent sarin was used and killed 13 people,” says Dr. Brown.

Dr. Thomson is speaking about his research on climate change – he was the first to show correlation between measured temperature and CO2. After collecting climate data, he wrote a paper indicating the earth was indeed warming and the warming was coherent with changes in atmospheric CO2. That was published in Nature and commented on by Al Gore in 1990.

“We really need to address this issue in order for the human race to survive,” says Dr. Thomson.

Dr. Kobayashi’s research focuses on spatial relations among humans – how societies create landscapes in which interactions between people take place and how these relations result in social justice.

“The spatialization of the world occurs through major events such as migration, warfare, industrialization, colonialism and the creation of territory, both legal and informal,” she says.

The Royal Society of Canada event is being held at the Queen’s University Club.

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