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onQ launch completes new and enhanced internal communications tools


onQ – our new employee publication – is coming directly to nearly 5,000 employees through campus mail starting September 1. It profiles people, programs and practices, and highlights points of interest on and about the university.

onQ completes the suite of new and enhanced communications tools aimed at keeping employees informed about breaking news and information, policy decisions, process changes, ongoing research, programs, projects and people at the university. The new tools were designed in response to campus-wide consultation with faculty, staff and administration over the past two years.

There was a definite interest in more timely, need-to-know electronic communications and less duplication of emailed information. But people also wanted a print publication they could read at their leisure. They wanted to know about their colleagues and friends and some of the less time-sensitive campus happenings and highlights.

“It was apparent that we needed to streamline communications and consider a number of different tools in response to the evolving way that people get their information,” says associate director of communications Lorinda Peterson.

The recently re-launched Queen’s News Centre website includes breaking stories, research highlights, profiles, and updates on decisions and policies that impact the university community. Information changes frequently and each story is saved in an easily searchable archive organized by broad topics.

The popular online Events Calendar provides a central, user-managed listing of campus events including public lectures and conferences. The Events Calendar now replaces the events listings in the former Queen’s Gazette. “There is no internal advertising of events in onQ,” says Ms Peterson, “so we are considering introducing internal online advertising on the Queen’s news centre as an additional way to promote events at Queen’s.

The new “e-Queen’s” electronic news bulletin delivers high interest and need-to-know information directly to faculty and staff email inboxes on Tuesday and Friday mornings.

For the Record provides a monthly posting and archive of appointment, committee, grant, award, PhD examination and other notices set out by collective agreements and university policies and processes. A link to a pdf of each month's notices will be included in e-Queen's.

Queen’s Social Media channels provide opportunities for engaging in conversations about issues that impact us as members of the Queen’s community.

“The next step is to review mass email communications trends at the university to try and make e-Queen’s the definitive information channel wherever appropriate,” says Ms Peterson. “Ultimately, reducing the number of duplicated email messages will help increase overall communications efficiency.”

The new tools will be assessed over the next 12 months. Feedback is always welcome to lorinda.peterson@queensu.ca.

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