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New resources aim to help students stay safe

The 14-page Guide to Safety, included in this year's Tricolour Agenda, complements a safety website for students that was launched last year.

A new guide is the latest way the University is encouraging students to think about their safety.

The 14-page Guide to Safety is part of this year’s Tricolour Agenda, a day planner distributed to 7,000 students and complements a safety website the university launched last year.

The guide and the website give students information they need to protect themselves at home, on campus and online.

“We want students to realize that it’s their responsibility to keep themselves and their belongings safe,” says alumna and former website coordinator Libby Shaker. “We can provide them with the information but, ultimately, it’s up to them to take the initiative.”

In the guide there are safety-related facts, resources and tips. The material is illustrated using artwork and anecdotes.

“Our goal was to present the safety information in a visually-appealing manner,” Ms Shaker says.

Because the guide is included in the day planner, the students will always have the information at their fingertips. Furthermore, the website address is printed on each page directing students to a full listing of safety resources offered by the university and the community.

“Having students stay safe both on and off campus is of utmost importance. The guide and the website outline what students can do to take responsibility for their own safety—in a concise and factual manner,” says Roxy Denniston-Stewart, associate dean of student affairs.

The guide is intended for all students. First-year students will learn about various safety issues to consider as they settle in to their new living conditions. While residence dons, Orientation Round Table leaders and many others discuss safety a lot, the messages can get buried in the wave of new information during the first few weeks of university. Students can use the guide to refresh their memory.

There is a lot of helpful material for upper-year students as well. Students living off-campus will find the theft and security section especially pertinent.

Students who weren’t on campus for their first year will also want to consult the guide.

“I spent my first year at the Castle and I didn’t get a lot of information about safety on the Kingston campus,” says Ms Shaker, who graduated last spring.

The website has also been updated based on feedback from last year. There is more information about cycling safety and theft prevention. An international students section has been added as well as emergency planning and disaster preparedness information.

All first-year Arts and Science students will receive the agenda in their frosh packages. Upper-years and students from other faculties can pick up the agenda at the Tricolour Publication Services table during the sidewalk sale on Friday September 10 or at the John Deutsch University Centre Room 032.

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