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New Educational Equity policy calls for clearly-defined, measurable goals


Senate has passed a revised Educational Equity Policy Statement to replace the existing policy, approved in 2001. The new policy, which was passed at the November 26 Senate meeting, calls on all levels of the university to incorporate accountability measures in their efforts to identify and address equity issues.

“The 2001 policy was intended to affirm the university’s commitment to educational equity, but it lacked the clear, actionable goals and lines of accountability necessary to be widely effective,” says Adnan Husain, associate professor in the Department of History and chair of the Senate Educational Equity Committee (SEEC). “The revised policy maintains the previous commitment, but acknowledges that much work still needs to be done and that measures to achieve these goals need to be developed and implemented across the university.”

While all units and members of the campus community are responsible for contributing to the pursuit of educational equity within Queen’s, the policy outlines the unique responsibilities of specific administrative bodies and individual leaders within the university:

• The SEEC is responsible for identifying educational equity indicators and recommending appropriate institutional goals, as well as assisting senior leadership and various academic and administrative units to inventory, implement and evaluate their practices. It is also responsible for formulating policies for adoption by Senate.

• The principal, with the support of the deans and the vice-principals, is responsible for articulating and supporting educational equity principles and values, and for building educational equity expectations into the criteria for formal internal academic review processes, program assessments and annual reports of administrative units.

• Heads of academic and administrative departments are responsible for recognizing unit-specific challenges, identifying unit-specific educational equity goals and assessing their progress in relevant areas.

• Individual departments and offices (both academic and administrative) are responsible for developing and implementing policies and practices to achieve educational equity within their units based on this policy statement and guidance by the SEEC. They are also responsible for reporting on these measures and assessing progress to their respective supervisors and unit members.

• Equity services and other support units, such as the Human Rights Office and Centre for Teaching and Learning, are responsible for coordinating the necessary education and training in consultation with individual units. The Equity Office will continue to be responsible for collecting reports, circulating information, promoting awareness and monitoring progress of unit educational equity initiatives.

Anyone with questions or comments regarding the revised Educational Equity Policy Statement can email senate@queensu.ca

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