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Leading sustainability, environmental and green energy research at Queen's


Alternative energy

Praveen Jain (Electrical and Computer Engineering), head of Energy and Power Electronics Applied Research Laboratory
(ePOWER) – energy efficiency improvements within electrical energy.

Brant Peppley (Mechanical and Materials Engineering), Canada Research Chair in Fuel Cells – fuel cell technology.

Steve Harrison (Mechanical and Materials Engineering), leads Queen’s Solar Calorimetry Laboratory – designing, analyzing, modelling and improving solar heating systems and components.

Joshua Pearce (Mechanical and Materials Engineering) – renewable energy engineering.

Bryne Purchase (Policy Studies) – energy policy.

Sustainability research

BIOCAP Canada Foundation – helped lay the groundwork for Canada’s transformation towards a sustainable bioeconomy.

Sustainable Bio-Economy Centre – moving from the current fossil- fuel-based economy to a biological resources-based economy.

Andrew Pollard (Mechanical and Materials Engineering), director of Queen’s Sustainable Bio-Economy Centre – computational and experimental fluid dynamics.

Kerry Rowe (Civil Engineering) – tunneling, soil reinforcement, geosynthetics and waste management, contaminant containment and safe landfill design.

Green chemistry research

GreenCentre Canada, a National Centre of Excellence for Commercialization and Research, bringing together Canada’s leading green chemistry researchers, industry partners and commercialization professionals to develop cleaner, less energy-intensive solutions for traditional chemical and manufacturing processes.

Philip Jessop (Chemistry) – “green” chemical methods for separating oil and water, or solvents, using carbon dioxide and air.

Neal Scott (Geography), Canada Research Chair in Greenhouse Gas Dynamics and Ecosystem Management – impacts of reforestation on greenhouse gas emissions.

Environmental research

John Smol (Biology), Canada Research Chair in Environmental Change, founder and co-director of Paleoecological Environmental Assessment and Research Laboratory (PEARL) – natural and human impacts on lakes and ecosystems.

Bruce Pardy (Law) – environmental law and issues related to international climate change agreements, environmental governance, ecosystem management, environmental liability and water law.

Andrew Daugulis (Chemical Engineering) – producing ethanol from renewable resources as a viable alternative for automotive fuel, and developing bioreactors for the destruction of toxic compounds.

Paul Grogan (Biology), Canada Research Chair in Climate
Change Effects on Northern Ecosystems – Arctic ecosystems response to changes in summer air temperature, winter snow accumulation, vegetation distribution and caribou migration.

Kurt Kyser (Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering) – new ways to protect the environment, the safety of our food and environmentally responsible extraction of mineral resources.

Water quality research

Stephen Brown (Chemistry and Environmental Studies) – new methods of environmental analysis, with emphasis on detecting
small organic compounds in water samples.

Linda Campbell (Environmental Studies and Biology), Canada Research Chair in Aquatic Ecosystem Health – aquatic systems health, heavy metal contamination, management and remediation,
mostly in the Great Lakes.

Gary vanLoon (Chemistry, Environmental Studies) – environmental chemistry, drinking water chemistry, waste water treatment and groundwater remediation procedures.

Kent Novalkowski (Civil Engineering) – creating tools that protect municipal drinking water from its source in the watershed to the taps in people’s homes.

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