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Labour Board dismisses union application


An application by the Public Service of Canada (PSAC) to represent the university’s undergraduate teaching assistants in bargaining has been dismissed by the Ontario Labour Relations Board.

One hundred and two undergraduate TAs voted last month, but only 53 ballots were counted. Fourteen of the 102 individuals who cast ballots were deemed ineligible to vote. Of the 53 votes counted, 11 were in favour of certification and 42 were against certification. The other 35 ballots were segregated at the time of the vote because the university and PSAC did not agree about whether those 35 individuals were eligible to vote.

After the vote both the university and PSAC made submissions to the Labour Board about the outstanding 35 ballots. The university agreed to the union’s request that 20 of the 35 names be removed from the voters’ list. The Labour Board will only certify a union to represent a group of employees if 50 per cent plus one of the votes cast are in favour of certification. The outstanding 15 segregated votes made that result mathematically impossible, so the Labour Board dismissed the application for certification without opening the 15 segregated ballots.

If PSAC files a new application for certification within a year, the Board will determine whether the dismissal of the first application has any effect.

Staff and faculty with questions regarding the process can contact Lisa Newton, Director and Counsel, Employee/Labour Relations, at ext. 75108 or lisa.newton@queensu.ca.

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