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2005-02-17 11:05:08

Douglas Reid (Business) comments in The Globe and Mail about shifting strategies for competitive discount air carriers.

Lu Wang (Geography) comments in the Toronto Star about the shopping habits of Asian Canadians.

Bruce Pardy (Law) discusses the implementation of the Kyoto Accord on Radio Canada International’s Business Sense, and on CBC Syndicated Radio including Calgary, Halifax, Saint John, Regina, Edmonton, Quebec City, St. John's, Yellowknife, Montreal, Victoria, and Winnipeg.

Don Stuart (Law) reviews the new anti-terrorism act on CBC Radio’s The current.

Pam Dickey Young (Religious Studies) continues to comment about the separation of church and state around marriage, most recently on CJBK Radio (London) and CKNW Radio (Vancouver).

Kathy Lahey (Law) continues to comment about same-sex marriage, most recently on CKCW Radio (Windsor).

2005-02-15 09:53:34

Tom Courchene (Policy Studies) comments in the National Post about equalization payments. He is also interviewed on CBC and Global TV.

Bob Silverman (Arts and Science) comments in The Ottawa Citizen and The Calgary Herald about murder-suicide.

Uzma Rehman (Psychology) discusses communication in intimate relationships on CBC radio’s Ontario Today show.

2005-02-14 09:58:17

Pamela Dickey Young discusses same-sex marriage in The Globe and Mail.

Paul Grogan (Biology) comments in the Ottawa Citizen about climate change.

Stephen Arnold (Business) comments on the front page of The Kingston Whig-Standard about big-box retail in Kingston.

2005-02-11 12:12:43

Richard Chaykowski (Industrial Relations) comments in The Globe and Mail and Toronto Star about Wal-Mart closing its unionized store in Quebec. He also comments in the Globe and Mail about the increasing use of part-time workers in retail.

Robert Ross (Physical Health and Education) comments in a Canadian Press story about physical activity and obesity. The story is also covered in the Toronto Star, Toronto Sun, and Kingston Whig-Standard.

Kathy Lahey (Law) comments in the Winnipeg Free Press about same-sex marriage.

Sam Shortt (Policy Studies) comments on CBC radio’s Ontario Morning about the use of hospital emergency services.

Joan Schwartz (Art) comments in Canadian Geographic about the role of photography in historical documentation.

2005-02-08 10:03:07

Alan King (SPEG) comments on the front page of the National Post about increasing dropout rates in Canadian secondary schools. The story also appears in The Gazette (Montreal).

Douglas Reid (Business) comments in the Toronto Star about acquisitions and mergers.

Roger Ware (Economics) comments in the Toronto Star about Sheridan Scott’s performance as Canada's competition watchdog.

Tom Axworthy’s (Policy Studies) opinion piece offering budget advice to the finance minister appears in the Toronto Star. He also comments on the front page of the Ottawa Citizen about testimony at public inquiries by heads of countries, and in The Kingston Whig-Standard about former Prime Minister Chretien’s accountability for the sponsorship scandal.

Richard Chaykowski (Industrial Relations) comments in the National Post about a recent poll suggesting Canadians want fewer teams in the NHL. The story was also covered in the Ottawa Citizen, The Gazette (Montreal), The Kingston Whig-Standard, The Leader-Post (Regina), The StarPhoenix (Saskatoon) and The Edmonton Journal.

Douglas Reid (Business) comments in the Toronto Star about Nortel filing suits against three former top executives.

William Flanagan (Law) comments in a Kingston Whig-Standard story reporting his recent appointment as dean of Law.

2005-01-31 10:05:26

David Saunders (Business) discusses the latest Financial Times of London MBA rankings in the National Post.

Doug Bland (Policy Studies) comments in The Toronto Sun about the disconnect between Canadian politicians' words and actions.

Tom Courchene (Policy Studies) comments in The Toronto Star about equalization and the Canadian constitution.

Robin Boadway (Economics) is interviewed on CBC Radio news (Halifax) about a deal to let Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador keep offshore oil and gas revnues.

John Smol (Biology) continues to receive coverage for winning the Herzberg award, most recently in University Affairs.

John Molloy (PARTEQ) comments in a Kingston Whig-Standard profile of Robert Kisilevsky(Pathology).

2005-01-27 10:44:51

Karen Parent (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation) is highlighted in The Globe and Mail for leading a team of researchers working on a new design for health care facilities that could profoundly change how commercial buildings are designed.

Marc Busch (Business) comments in The Globe and Mail about Chinese companies investing in Canada.

Allan Manson (Law) comments in The Toronto Star about the perceptions of commissioners in public inquiries.

Gerald Tulchinsky (History) comments in a Canadian Press story highlighting the Holocaust’s 60th anniversary. The story is carried in The Spectator (Hamilton).

Queen's model parliament is highlighted in The Kingston Whig-Standard.

Kate Harkness (Psycology) comments on CKWS TV about the reasons why people become depressed at this time of year.

Art McDonald (Physics) was interviewed by CBC Radio Sydney and comments on the front-page of the Sudbury Star and in the Cape Breton Post about winning the Pontecorvo Prize.

2005-01-24 10:38:49

Tom Axworthy’s (Policy Studies) opinion piece about Canada’s response to the recent tsunami tragedy and foreign policy appears in The Toronto Star.

Ken Wong (Business) discusses marketing strategies and tactics in a Special to Marketing Magazine.

Kathy Lahey (Law) appears on CTV discussing issues related to same-sex marriage.

Wayne Cox (Political Studies) was interviewed on CKWS-TV about expected voter turnout for the Iraq elections.

Chris Eckert's (Biology) research investigating the loss of sex in plants is featured on CBC Radio's Quirks & Quarks.

Ian Gilron (Anesthesiology) comments on CBC Radio regional news about new research that means women recovering from hysterectomies require less morphine to combat pain.

2005-01-21 10:20:15

Douglas Reid (Business) discusses passenger reaction to a recent employee walkout by machinists at Air Canada in The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star and The Gazette (Montreal).

Jean Cot

2005-01-20 10:31:32

The Ottawa Citizen reports that Art McDonald (Physics) has won the Bruno Pontecorvo Prize, the top Russian award for particle physics. The story is also covered in The Kingston Whig-Standard.

Jean Cot

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