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2005-10-03 12:20:35

Alan Kings’s (SPEG) double cohort research is highlighted in the Globe and Mail.

Uzma Rehman (Psychology) appears in the first of the Canada’s Worst Driver series on the Discovery Channel. Her commentary about what motivates these drivers is highlighted in the Toronto Star.

Art Cockfield (Law) comments in the Toronto Star about the NHLPA dispute. A review of his new book NAFTA Tax Law and Policy: Resolving the Clash between Economic and Sovereignty Interests appears in the Literary Review of Canada.

Tom Courchene’s (Policy Studies) comments about Alberta’s economic surplus are highlighted in the Toronto Star and Montreal Gazette.

Lonnie Aarssen (Biology) comments in the Kingston Whig-Standard about risks radio waves pose to schoolchildren.

Alan Travers (Education) article about teaching abroad appears in Professionally Speaking.

Jonathan Crush (SARC) appears as guest on South African Broadcasting Corportaion (SABC) radio phone-in show on the impact of the brain drain from Africa

2005-09-27 10:18:58

Bill Blake (Business) comments in the National Post about MBA programs catering to niche job markets.

David Saunders (Business) discusses the state of advanced business education in the National Post. He also comments in the Toronto Star about undergraduate business and MBA enrolment.

Vincent Mosco (Sociology) comments in a Canadian Press story that is covered by the Regina Leader-Post, Calgary Herald, Cornwall Standard-Freeholder, Kingston Whig-Standard, Moose Jaw Times-Herald, Brockville Recorder and Times and Kenora Daily Miner & News about the recent panic caused by rising gas prices.

Professor emeritus Ned Franks (Political Studies) comments in Maclean’s magazine about asset specifications for potential Senators. He also comments on the front page of the Ottawa Citizen about the Martin government's new agency, Service Canada.

Kim Nossal (Political Studies) discusses Pierre Pettigrew’s latitude as foreign minister in Maclean’s magazine.

2005-09-23 09:32:17

Robert Gilbert’s (Geography) opinion piece about Hans Island and Canada’s role in the Arctic appears in the Toronto Star.

Doug Bland (Policy Studies) comments in the Canadian Press about government red tape blocking purchases of new military equipment. The story receives extensive coverage including the Kingston Whig-Standard, Edmonton Journal, Guelph Mercury, Ottawa Sun, Moose Jaw Times-Herald, Stratford Beacon-Herald, and St. John's Telegram.

John McHale (Business) comments on rising gas prices in the Kingston Whig-Standard.

2005-09-22 09:22:08

Bill Blake (Business) comments in the Toronto Star about international competition among business schools.

Philip Jessop's (Chemical Engineering) research into environmentally-friendly solvents for chemical manufacturing continues to receive coverage, most recently online at Science News, United Press International Newsline, PressZoom Global News Service, Newswire.com, WebIndia123.com, Royal Society of Chemistry's Chemistry World, and ScienceDaily.

2005-09-21 08:43:49

Douglas Reid (Business) comments about WestJet Airlines U.S. expansion in the Calgary Herald and Vancouver Sun.

2005-09-20 09:28:22

Douglas Reid (Business) comments in the Globe and Mail about Ottawa’s plan to increase foreign ownership of Canadian airlines.

2005-09-19 09:49:11

Julian Barling (Business) discusses Rudolph Giuliani’s response to the Sept. 11 tragedy in a Globe and Mail article about Hurricane Katrina.

Doug Bland (Policy Studies) comments in the Globe and Mail about NATO deployment.

Ken Wong (Business) comments on the re-branding of Cottonelle and Scott Paper in the National Post.

Anita Anand (Law) discusses prosecuting insider trading in the National Post.

Tom Axworthy’s (Policy Studies) opinion piece about sexual slavery is featured in the Toronto Star.

Charles Pentland (Policy Studies) comments on UN reform on CKWS-TV.

Jean Cote (Physical and Health Education) discusses his study showing hockey players raised in small Canadian towns are more likely to make it to the NHL, most recently on CKNW-Radio and CHML-Radio Hamilton.

2005-09-12 11:45:59

Tom Courchene’s opinion piece about provincial equalization appears in the Edmonton Journal.

Vernon Quinsey (Psychology) comments in an American Press story that is covered in the Halifax Daily News about profiling psychopaths.

Ken Wong (Business) comments in Strategy magazine about brand management.

2005-09-09 08:49:10

Elaine Power (Physical and Health Education) comments in the Toronto Star about a new diet food delivery program.

Stephen Arnold (Business) comments in the Kingston Whig-Standard about the Best Buy retail store scheduled to open in downtown Kingston.

Richard Chaykowski (Policy Studies ) comments on the future of the Canadian Labour Movement in a CPAC documentary.

2005-09-07 09:30:56

Ross Finnie (Policy Studies) comments in the National Post and Ottawa Citizen about the effects of low tuition on postsecondary systems.

An opinion piece by Christian Leuprecht (Policy Studies) about post secondary funding appears in the Toronto Star.

Leslie Flynn (Medical Education) comments in the Ottawa Citizen, Regina Leader-Post, Kingston Whig-Standard, Edmonton Journal, Vancouver Sun and Montreal Gazette about high levels of stress affecting medical doctors in training.

Jean Cote’s (Physical and Health Education) research showing professional hockey players are more apt to come from small towns continues to receive coverage, most recently on CBC Radio and in the Calgary Herald and Kingston Whig-Standard.

Jana Raver’s (Business) research into sexual harassment in the workplace initially highlighted in the Globe and Mail continues to receive coverage, most recently in the Chicago Tribune and Ottawa Citizen.

Tom Courchene’s (Policy Studies) analysis of fiscal federalism continues to receive coverage, most recently in an Ottawa Citizen editorial.

John Geddes’ (Family Medicine) commentary on poverty in Africa appears in the Kingston Whig-Standard.

Peter Katzmarzyk's (Physical and Health Education) research on the effects of exercise on men’s cholesterol levels is highlighted on Forbes.com, YAHOO!News.com and USNews.com.

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