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2007-09-07 10:03:15

Don Stuart (Law) continues to comment on an Ontario Court of Appeal decision ordering a new trial for a youth accused of having a loaded handgun, most recently in the Globe and Mail.
Daniel Usher (Economics) continues to comment on the issue of guaranteed privileges to religious parties in an election, most recently on ctv.ca.

2007-09-06 11:03:58

An interview with Martin Duncan (Physics) in the Globe and Mail discusses the recent discovery of an asteroid believed to have wiped out the dinosaurs.
Don Stuart (Law) comments on an Ontario Court of Appeal decision ordering a new trial for a youth accused of having a loaded handgun in the Toronto Star.

2007-09-05 11:09:38

Daniel Usher (Economics) addresses the issue of guaranteed privileges to religious parties in an election in the Globe and Mail.
An editorial by Elspeth Murray (Business) in the Financial Post discusses what factors allow industry giants to succeed in local markets.

2007-09-04 10:53:36

David Hanes (Physics) comments on the G-Force exertion and trajectory of the Snowbird airplane which crashed in May of this year, and points out the correct function of the gyroscope, which Canadian astronaut Dave Williams was scheduled to perform a space walk to replace, in two separate Globe & Mail stories.
Rachel Bigenwald (ChildArts) discusses four years of volunteer work in neighbourhood elementary schools and a native reserve in northern Ontario which earned her a Queen’s civic responsibility grant in the Toronto Star.

2007-08-31 10:48:26

Keith Banting (Policy Studies) comments on ethnic diversity in Canadian communities in the Globe & Mail online edition.
Gary Armstrong (Biology) comments on a gene found in locusts and fruit flies that may help save lives in the Kingston Whig-Standard.

2007-08-30 11:14:57

An interview with David Skillicorn (Computing) in the September issue of Reader’s Digest highlights his work in detecting deception.
Kevin Hall (Civil Engineering) continues to discuss the man-made island he and his team have designed to protect Florida residents from future storms, most recently on CBC Radio-Canada.

2007-08-29 09:43:33

Bryne Purchase (Policy Studies) comments on the inevitability of electricity price hikes by the province in the Globe & Mail.
Drew Griffith (Classics) likens the Greek myth of Pandora’s Box to those holding out hope of finding missing relatives in the Toronto Star.

2007-08-27 10:46:57

David Dexter (Pathology and Molecular Medicine) continues to comment on the increase in autopsies performed by Kingston doctors in light of staffing issues at the Ottawa unit, most recently in a Canadian Press story picked up by the Brantford Expositor.

2007-08-24 10:24:23

Tom Courchene (Economics) comments on the development of the Hebron offshore project in the Globe & Mail.
Lew Johnson (Business) comments on the Ontario Securities Commission’s decision not to appeal the acquittal of John Felderhof in the Toronto Star.

2007-08-23 11:31:04

David Saunders (Business) discusses the demographics and motivations of women entering the MBA program in the National Post.
Bob Wolfe (Policy Studies) comments on the results of a recent Foreign Affairs survey gauging Canadians’ views of Russia in a CanWest News Service story picked up by the Edmonton Journal and the Regina Leader-Post.

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