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2007-09-21 09:24:02

Tom Courchene (Economics) discusses the idea of fixing the exchange rate by giving up the Canadian dollar and embracing the U.S. dollar on CBC’s The National.
Bill Blake (Business) comments on those most likely to benefit from the Queen’s EMBA program in the Financial Post.

2007-09-20 08:44:40

Jonathan Rose (Political Studies) comments about campaign strategy and televised debates in the Ottawa Sun, Toronto Sun, and London Free Press. He also continues to comment about the Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform and the upcoming provincial election, most recently in the Kingston Whig-Standard.
Kathy Brock (Political Studies) comments in the Kingston Whig-Standard about how funding for faith-based schools could impact the Kingston community.

2007-09-19 12:24:27

Tim Smith (History) comments on the effectiveness of the current pension system in France in the National Post.
Peter Macleod (Policy Studies) continues to comment on the proposed mixed-member proportional voting system, most recently in the Toronto Sun and the Ottawa Sun.

2007-09-18 12:06:24

Brian Arthur (Ophthalmology) comments on the effectiveness of a new technology used to test the vision of young patients in the Toronto Star.
An editorial by Douglas Bland (Policy Studies) in the Calgary Herald discusses the Conservative government’s determination to continue Canada’s commitment in Afghanistan beyond 2009.

2007-09-17 11:16:49

Geoff Smith (History) comments on the notion that female athletes have to be both talented and attractive in order to be successful in the world of athletics in the National Post.
Comments by Marc-Antoine Adam (Policy Studies) on formal procedure for the federal government to spend in provincial jurisdictions appear in the National Post.

2007-09-14 09:38:46

An editorial by Thorsten Koeppl (Economics) on the future of the Canadian Stock Exchange appears in the National Post.
Rod Lindsay (Psychology) comments on the effectiveness of composite sketches used in police investigations in the Ottawa Citizen.

2007-09-13 11:46:50

Expert testimony by Julio Arboleda-Florez (Psychiatry) in a wrongful psychiatric confinement case appears in the Calgary Sun.
David Dennis (Performance Plants) discusses the development of a drought-resistant plant on CBC-Radio's Ontario Morning.

2007-09-12 11:01:22

Dan Usher (Economics) comments on the idea of a mixed-member proportional voting system in the Globe and Mail.
Jonathan Rose (Political Studies) addresses the idea of ‘online politicking’ versus traditional print or television advertising in the Ottawa Citizen.

2007-09-11 11:43:08

An interview with John Pliniussen (Business) discussing online selling and the importance of building trust between merchant and consumer appears in the Globe and Mail.
A study by Alvaro Morales (Urology) on bladder cancer treatment is highlighted in a Canadian Press story picked up by the Toronto Star.

2007-09-10 11:00:05

An interview with Don Stuart (Law) in the Globe and Mail discusses the issues surrounding the potential prosecution of Omar Khadr on Canadian soil. 
Peter MacLeod (Policy Studies) comments on the idea of a mixed-member proportional voting system in two separate articles in the National Post.

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