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April 2, 2014

Julian Barling (School of Business) – Great brands don’t follow the same rules as everyone else – that’s what makes them great, in the Globe and Mail.

Judith Davidson (Psychology, Oncology) – What you need to know about your internal rhythms to make the most of your day, column published in the Globe and Mail.

Christian Leuprecht (Political Studies) –Trained civilians could assist police: Report, in the Ottawa Citizen, on Sun TV, CJOB-AM (Winnipeg radio).

Dick Zoutman (School of Medicine) – What is Ebola and why is it so deadly? On CTV News Channel.

John Smol (Biology) – Report shows Canada not immune to impact of global warming, in the Whitehorse Daily Star.

John Young (School of Religion) – ‘Canada’s church:’ A new book charts the rise, fall and remaking of The United Church of Canada, in the United Church Observer.

April 1, 2014

John Smol (Biology) – Report shows Canada not immune to impact of global warming, Canadian Press story published in the Ottawa Citizen, Edmonton Journal, Saskatoon Star Phoenix and other Postmedia publications.

Christian Leuprecht (Political Studies) – Civilians should do certain police jobs: report, in the Ottawa Citizen, Edmonton Journal, Regina Leader-Post and other Postmedia publications. He was also interviewed by CJOB AM (Winnipeg radio) and Calgary radio.

Dick Zoutman (School of Medicine) – Canadian hospitals’ cleanliness ‘less than optimal,’ says report, in the Ottawa Citizen, Edmonton Journal, The Province and other Postmedia publications.

Paul Grogan (Biology) – New study looks at growth of tundra shrubs, on CBC North.

Udo Schuklenk (Philosophy) – What makes a good doctor? Op-ed published in The Owen Sound Sun Times.

Martin ten Hove (Opthamology) – Eye treatment centre first of its kind, in The Kingston Whig Standard.

Other News

Queen’s University Undergraduate Internship Program (QUIP) – Are you experienced? How a lack of on-the-job training is hurting young workers, in Maclean’s.

March 31, 2014

Leonid Trofimov (History) – Why we can’t trust what Putin says, on CTV News Channel.

John Andrew (School of Business, School of Urban and Regional Planning) – Mortgage war brewing? on CTV News Channel.

Udo Schuklenk (Philosophy) – What kind of doctor do you want? Op-ed published in The Kingston Whig Standard.

Louis Delvoie (Centre for International and Defence Policy) – Can humble pope save Church? Op-ed published in The Kingston Whig Standard.

March 28, 2014

John Andrew (School of Urban and Regional Planning, School of Business) – BMO slashes five year mortgage rate, on CBC’s The National, CTV National, CTV News Channel and CBC syndication.

Christian Leuprecht (Political Studies) – What are the pros and cons of municipal police forces vs. the OPP and how can we control rising costs, on The Agenda.

Peter Hodson (Biology) – How were fish affected by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, on CBCs Ontario Morning.

Adam Molnar (Surveillance Studies Centre) – The National Security Agenda is proposing reform, on CKNW (Vancouver radio).

March 27, 2014

Ryan Mulligan (Civil Engineering) – How ocean currents played a factor in the search for the Malaysian airline flight, on CTV News Channel.

Ken Wong (School of Business) – Online only loyalty programs are growing in popularity, in the Toronto Star.

Julian Barling (School of Business) – What does it take to be a good leader, on cbc.ca.

Keith McWhirter (IT Services) – What does cloud storage mean to you, blog on globalnews.ca.

Sidneyeve Matrix (Film and Media Studies) – How to beat stage fright and present like a pro, on globalnews.ca; Skipping from position to position may not be as professionally sinful as it once seemed, on metronews.ca (Toronto).

Wendy Craig (Psychology) – Saskatchewan’s anti-bullying policy ahead of the game, on metronews.ca (Regina).

March 26, 2014

John Andrew (School of Urban and Regional Planning, School of Business) – Canada’s Pension Plan ventures into China’s volatile housing market, in the National Post and the Saskatoon Star Phoenix.

Nicholas Bala (Law) – Lev Tahor family in Guatemala no longer needs to check in with embassy, in the Toronto Star and the Cambridge Times.

Margaret Walker (School of Music) – Queen’s and St. Lawrence College launch a joint music program, on CBC’s Ontario Morning and CKWS Television.

Cathleen Crudden and Hugh Horton (Chemistry) – Queen’s researchers patent cutting edge technology, on CKWS Television.

March 25, 2014

Wendy Craig (Psychology) – Family doctors urged to intervene with cyberbullied kids, in The Globe and Mail.

Peter Hodson (Biology) – Study blames BP oil spill for widespread fish heart defects, on The Verge.

Geoff Smith (Kinesiology and Health Studies, History) – Oscar Pistorius trial: day 14, on FM96 (Kingston radio).


Margaret Walker (School of Music) – Students combine to make music together, in The Kingston Whig Standard.

Michael Smolander (Graduate student in the School of Policy Studies) – Stephen Harper’s legacy defined by free trade, op-ed published in The Kingston Whig Standard.

Laureen Hu (Executive director of The Empress) – Newspaper marks 20 years, in The Kingston Whig Standard.

Stephanie Nanos (co-president of the Queen’s Concussion Awareness Committee) – Students form group to raise concussion awareness, on CBC’s Ontario Morning.

March 22, 2014

Erin Crandall (Political Studies) – How does Canada’s Supreme Court rejecting its new member change Canada’s constitutional debate, op-ed in the Washington Post.

Mark Boulay (Physics) – Queen’s leads new DEAP-3600 experiment at SNOLAB in a global race to understand dark matter, in the Globe and Mail.

Heather Stuart (Community Health and Epidemiology) – Debunking the myths that surround schizophrenia, in the National Post.

Simon Hesp (Chemical Engineering) – Toronto’s dreadful roads aren’t due only to the worst winter in 20 years, but because motor oil is used in the asphalt mix, in the National Post.

Geoff Smith (Kinesiology and Health Studies, History) – The Oscar Pistorius trial continues on CTV News Channel and CKNW (Vancouver radio).

Helen Driver (Psychology) – Winter is taking a toll on our bodies, in the Kingston Whig Standard.

Christian Leuprecht (Political Studies) – What was the police strategy at the Shannonville blockade, on CBC Radio-Canada.

Douglas Bland (Policy Studies) – How effective is the blockade in Shannonville, on CBC Radio-Canada.

March 21, 2014

Virginia Walker (Biology) – What do frozen horses and a scorching universe have in common, on Radiolab (New York).

Heather Evans (English) – Study links pretty plating to improved taste, on canada.com.

March 19. 2014

Monica LaBarge (School of Business) – Damage control: How car companies deal with recalls, in The Globe and Mail.

Nicholas Bala (Law) – Effort to return Lev Tahor children now involves three nations, in the Toronto Star.

Heather Evans (English) – If it looks pretty we like it better, study shows, in the Vancouver Sun, Edmonton Journal, Calgary Herald, Windsor Star and other Postmedia publications.

Christian Leuprecht (Political Studies) – The situation in Crimea, on News Talk Radio (Saskatchewan).

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