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Digital Information Network discontinues broadcasting


The university’s Digital Information Network (DIN) will stop broadcasting by August 31, 2010.

Based on current university priorities, audience research and the cost to maintain the DIN, it is not good sense to continue running the screens centrally.

“The network was a pilot project that began in 2007 with 22 screens,” says Vice-Principal (Finance and Administration) Caroline Davis. “Considering the expansion of centrally supported communications programs and the wide adoption of social media, against the cost of installing more screens across campus, the DIN project is no longer an efficient and effective communications tool.”

The DIN’s potential role in campus security has also been carefully considered and found to be less effective than the university’s new broadcast siren system.

The on campus ‘real-time’ Emergency Notification Systems (ENS) broadcasts clear information before, during and after emergency situations.

A public address system using a siren signal followed by voice instructions alerts the campus community to take shelter and if safe to do so, check one of the current emergency notification platforms – Queen's web site, University Status Line, Queen’s email account – for further information and instructions.

“We have determined that the new broadcast siren system is a more effective and cost-efficient way to cover all of campus in an emergency,” says Ms Davis. “The sirens will reach more people much faster than the 22 existing screen.”

New and enhanced communications vehicles will support internal communication and campus programs once the DIN stops broadcasting. These include

• the online Events Calendar, a central, user-defined listing for campus events including public lectures and conferences

• the recently re-launched Queen’s News Centre website providing breaking stories, research highlights, profiles, and updates on decisions and policies that impact the university community

• the new e-Queen’s electronic news bulletin delivering high interest and need-to-know information directly to faculty and staff email inboxes twice weekly

For the Record, a monthly posting and archive of appointment, committee, grant, award, PhD examination and other notices set out by collective agreements and university policies and processes. A link to a pdf of each month's notices will be distributed in the e-Queen's electronic news bulletin, and

• Queen’s official Social Media channels

Some DIN screens may be repurposed in their current locations to meet unit-specific communications needs. Other screens will be removed and installed in locations across campus for other purposes such as display or presentation tools.

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