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From Queen’s Players to Second City

Former member of the Queen's Players Carly Heffernan is still making them laugh with Second City.

[photo of Carly Heffernan]Queen’s alumna Carly Heffernan is exactly where she hoped she would be.

Recently, Carly joined the main stage cast with the Second City on their latest revue, This Party’s a Riot!

After studying drama and English at Queen’s, she found herself in love with comedic theatre. She traces the roots of her involvement with theatre to her experience with Queen’s Players.

“Anyone who has ever been to, participated in or even just heard whispers of a Queen’s Players show knows it stands out as a highlight of the Queen’s culture,” she says. “Queen’s Players was where I wrote my first sketch, created my first characters and realized that this amazing world called sketchy comedy existed.”

After graduating in 2007, Carly found that her interest in comedy was not going away. “I and four other Queen’s graduates (all Players alumni) formed 'She Said What'.” The other members of the sketch group are Megan Deeks, Emma Hunter, Megan Mackeigan, and Marni Van Dyk. Carly joined the Second City as an understudy after She Said What. Carly says: “It wasn’t long after that I found myself working on the Second City main stage.”

For now, Carly is in her element on the big stage. “It really is the best job in the world, so it makes it hard to imagine what could be in store after. I know I’d love to get back to working with She Said What,” She says. “Where shall we go, what shall we do? I don’t know, I just know there’ll be lots of laughs.”

This Party’s a Riot! is an eclectic mix of subject matter, with some scripting and a whole lot of improvising. The show is playing indefinitely at the Second City in Toronto. For tickets and show times, visit www.secondcity.com


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